Overnight Sunless Lotion
Overnight Sunless LotionOvernight Sunless Lotion


Overnight Sunless Lotion

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With Lavender & Chamomile Won't Stain Sheets CosmoSun overnight sunless lotion is redefining the term Beauty Sleep! Apply this revolutionary night time transfer resistant bronzer before bed and wake up to perfectly developed beach bronze results by morning. This salon quality formula is packed with a rich blend of skin hydrators, Vitamins A & C, Green Tea Extracts and Kola to tone, tighten and prolong your self-tanning results. CosmoSun’s luxurious transfer-resistant formula will do all the work while you get your well-deserved beauty rest. With this overnight sunless lotion – Your sweet dreams just got sweeter!

- Transfer-Resistant DHA formula
- Effortlessly achieve a golden glow by morning
- Soothing Botanical Extracts
- Won't Stain Sheets
- Formulated for all skin types
- Luxe Lavender Fragrance
- Transfer-Resistant DHA formula works while you sleep and won't stain sheets.
- Lavender & Chamomile Extracts – Calm and soothe for a restful nights sleep.
- Green Tea & Kola Extracts – Natural botanicals that provide healthier looking skin.
- Formulated for all skin types.
- One use can last up to seven days.
- Product can be reapplied for darker results until desired color is reached.
- Bottle Size: 200mL (6.76oz)

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