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This foundation to any skin care routine cleanses and primes the skin for optimum effectiveness of any regimen. For all skin types. - Geothermal Clay Cleanser | 120 ml Our detoxifying Geothermal Clay Cleanser for day uses the power of negatively charged ions to remove impurities released during the body’s night time healing process. A cocktail of oils maintains the skin’s moisture mantle. Uplifting spearmint, basil and elemis awaken the spirit for the perfect beginning to any day. This versatile cleanser doubles as a clay mask. - Mandarin Cleansing Milk | 120 ml Our deeply cleansing and brightening Mandarin Cleansing Milk for night uses natural citrus oils to break through makeup, oil and the day’s debris (even good for removing eye make-up) without stripping the skin. This milky cleanser, originally created for professional use, uses the power of citrus essential oils and licorice root to brighten, vitamin E and C for anti-aging support and seaweed extract to nourish and support acne control. The citrus scent calms the senses to prepare the mind and body for evening relaxation. - Dew Perfector | 120 ml This perfect primer for day and night pH balances the skin. Amino acids nourish. Witch hazel and aloe soothe. Lactic acid gently resurfaces without flaking and pulls moisture into the skin for powerful hydration. Camphor controls oil and provides acne support. Leaves the skin with a plump, dewy, après ski finish.

- Detoxifies
- Cleans Deeply
- Hydrates
- Reduces Discoloration
- Balances Oil Production
- Evens Tone
- Minimizes Pores

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Skin care

February 26, 2023

This skin care system is the best! Love what it has done for my face!

Wow! I love this product!!

December 19, 2022

Wow! I love this product!! My skin has never looked better?..

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