Infinity Cream
Infinity Cream
Infinity CreamInfinity Cream
Infinity CreamInfinity Cream

Cinq Mondes

Infinity Cream

Infinity Cream

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Intense hydration and a lifting effect for skin with a loss of volume and density. Inspired by the beauty rituals of Japanese women and the 'art of porcelain skin', this highly effective formula has the ability to repair the skin's barrier and provide an effective anti-aging solution for skin suffering from a loss of volume and sagging contours.

- Camellia Oil : from the Island of Jeju, is a favorite in skincare rituals of Japanese women and is known for its anti-aging properties and ability to repair the skin's barrier.
- Phyto-Density Complex : a natural ingredient that inhibits the harmful impact of cellular stress focusing on: reducing existing wrinkles, improving skin's density and improving volume to re-contour sagging areas.
- Uvaxine®: derived from Japanese Knotweed, it is a unique molecule that protects skin cells from the long-term harmful effects of UV rays and prevents aging
- Plant-Based Hyaluronic Acid : intensely hydrates and locks in moisture.

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