3 Piece BBQ Grilling Tool Set
3 Piece BBQ Grilling Tool Set3 Piece BBQ Grilling Tool Set

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3 Piece BBQ Grilling Tool Set

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3 Piece BBQ Grilling Tool Set
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There are plenty of cheap 10, 20, and 30-piece bbq accessory kits available on the market. Sounds enticing until you realize that quality is being replaced with quantity. You will probably never use many of these extra utensils! We just made the best possible version of the 3 tools you'll actually use.

- Long handles so your hands are not exposed to the heat.
- Durable stainless steel, unlike cheap plastic.
- Will not bend while handling heavy meats.
- Won't warp and disintegrate like wooden utensils.
- Only the tools you'll actually use; don't pay for extras.

Superior strength and balance:
- Crafted with rust-resistant stainless steel.
- Our barbeque tools flip, turn, grasp, skewer and prep all your favorite meat, fish and poultry with accuracy.
- They're lightweight, properly balanced, and retain their sharpness even after long use.

- Chef's spatula.
- Grilling tongs.
- Meat fork.

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