Lotus Nut Bath Salt
Lotus Nut Bath Salt
Lotus Nut Bath Salt
Lotus Nut Bath SaltLotus Nut Bath Salt
Lotus Nut Bath SaltLotus Nut Bath Salt
Lotus Nut Bath SaltLotus Nut Bath Salt

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Lotus Nut Bath Salt

Aromatic Blend: Lotus Nut 8oz.

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Bath Salts, made with fine grade all natural Dead Sea salts, are lightly soaked in a proprietary aromatic blend with grape seed oil; creating a perfect texture for gently exfoliating and softening the skin. Lotus Nut is an exotic blend of jasmine absolute, rose absolute, sandalwood and sweet orange essential oils paired with fragrant hints of gardenia, jasmine, coconut and white tea. This blend is for the exotic ones who love the Caribbean and are always in search for the next flight+hotel package to the islands. Dead Sea salt is rich in minerals, which have a range of benefits for your skin, as well as cleansing the pores Dead Sea Salts help cleanse and exfoliate the skin and neutralize free radicals. Salt, considered the great neutralizer, is said to help cleanse and balance energy, while repelling negative vibes.

- An exotic blend of natural essential oils which include uplifting, sweet orange (Brazil), calming and confidence boosting jasmine absolute (India), rose absolute, the balancer and sandalwood (India) for centering and harmonizing
- Pair these top middle and base notes with fragrant hints of white gardenia, jasmine, coconut and white tea
- The aforementioned fragrant molecules are also found in fragrance compositions
- Plant-based - Please see Fragrances for essential oil and fragrance oil Breakdown
- Origin of core ingredients: Israel, Mexico, United States
- Ethically sourced and fair trade
- Dilute all fragrances with Coconut and MCT Medium chain triglyceride oils at 50-60% following IFRA and aromatherapy guidelines
- Infused fragrance at 0.5-1.8%.
- All fragrance formulations are diluted and pre-blended in MCT (Medium-chain triglycerides derived from coconut/palm oils) using aromatherapeutic guidelines

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