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For over 70 years, Italian manufacturer Tognana has provided simple, style and sophistication in home goods. They offer a variety of kitchenware items and entertaining dining pieces. Tognana specialized in porcelain and melamine tabletop cookware. They also make multiple unique coffee pot systems which provide bolder, more flavorful coffee! Bring back the art of cooking with Italy's finest, Tognana. Take your kitchen to the next level! Stylish dining sets, coffee pots, and more. Functional, strong and elegant: Tognana’s products are designed and made to guarantee the highest quality, because quality matters. Tognana will take your memorable occasions to the next level With a vast product offering. Or make everyday living effortless and comfortable! Our collections will easily fit into any home décor to enhance your traditions and entertaining space. With Tognana by your side, it does not have to be a special event to be a celebration. Treat yourself to the best home goods from Italy. You deserve the best!

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