If you’re anything like us, there are few things in life that bring you more pleasure than tucking into bed after a long day. You’ve done your work, you’ve had dinner, you’re clean, and it’s finally time to unwind — light some candles, scroll through Instagram, and slowly ease into sleep. It may seem like this time of day can’t be made any more heavenly — but it can.

By creating a gorgeous, spacious, zen atmosphere that encourages utter relaxation and calm. Our lives, and the current state of the world, can be chaotic, busy and overwhelming. Our bedrooms should be just the opposite of that. Your reprieve should appeal to your specific tastes, and allow for lots of room for relaxing, spacing out and dreaming. Here, our tips and tricks for creating the most soothing bedroom oasis possible. 

Atmospheric Conditions: A Beautiful, Zen Bedroom

Before you go purchasing a few necessities and throwing everything in your currently chaotic bedroom away, sit down and devise a plan. How do you want your future zen bedroom to look, feel, smell? We love an all-white look, but if you’re more soothed by color, introduce bits of shell pink, green (why not throw in a few fresh, potted plants or potted herbs, like lavender?), or a gorgeous, timeless, grey palette. Blue has been proven to be an especially soothing color, as well — so if you love the color blue, find a few accent pieces in your favorite shades.

A few other great tricks for creating an instantly more soothing oasis? Invest in a low-to-the-ground bed frame, perhaps a few white paper Japanese screens, and a bedside table that doesn’t allow for a lot of clutter. You may think that you need every book on your to-read list, tons of framed photos of your nearest and dearest, and ten thousand lotions by your bedside, but likely your selection can be pared down to a few essentials. A bedside table with a drawer can help you reach a happy medium — you can stash a lot in them, and have the more aesthetically pleasing objects on display on its surface.

Cooler, dark rooms are relaxing, and have been proven to help us sleep better, so consider this when designing the lighting. This may mean getting a great lamp or floor lantern with a dimmer so that you don’t need to flick on the jarring overhead light.

Invest in a piece or two that are beautiful to you, decorative but minimal — think a large, handmade vase that you can fill with seasonal flowers, an oversized, embroidered floor pillow, or a single, framed piece of art that you love.

When it comes to creating a calming zen bedroom, less is more. Declutter, get rid of or move everything unsightly and unnecessary, and keep the canvas as blank and pure as possible. Your eyes will thank you, night after night.

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All Wrapped Up: The Perfect Bedding for a Relaxing Bedroom

When it comes to creating a zen bedroom, selecting the right bedding is absolutely crucial. We recommend browsing Boll & Branch — they do neutrals just right, and their bedding is at once cozy and gorgeous. Stock up on a fresh set of crisp, white cotton sheets, which are seasonless when paired with the right duvet and duvet cover. Think of the bed as a cloud that you get to immerse yourself in, and make it fluffy, luxurious, (why not throw in a few sham pillows?), and utterly appealing. You’ll enjoy diving into it each evening even more. Browse our selection of bedding for even more beautiful options — they won’t disappoint.

Scented Dreams: Fragrances for a Calming Bedroom

One of the best ways to relax after a long day? By surrounding yourself with beautiful candles. The light from the flames is gorgeous to look at, and the scents will transport you into the dream world with utter elegance. Cire Trudon candles are an excellent choice for any room, including your soothing bedroom. They’re adult, subtle and timeless. This one has lavender in its bouquet — the scent of which is immensely helpful for enhancing relaxation and sleep. We also love Lumira candles, like this one. It has notes of gardenia and spice, which can provide you with an instant mood boost and a sense of comfort. 

Silky Evenings: What to Wear

Now that the space is ready, it’s time to adorn yourself in something silky, soft and beautiful. Comfort comes first, of course, but we always want to look and feel our best — even while asleep. The answer? Intimates, loungewear and pajamas that you feel amazing in. Whether you prefer the feeling of silk on your skin or something a bit warmer and cozier, the options are endless. We love Eberjey’s range of pieces. Looking for something a bit sexy to wear to bed? Try this on for size. Love to be warm and cozy? Look no further than this pajama set. We love the navy with white piping, and you’ll feel like a little kid again (in a good way) when you wake up rested and ready to make your protein pancakes and your matcha green smoothie.

Sleep the Night Away

Lest we forget, the ultimate goal in creating a soothing bedroom is to allow for the best possible sleep. Visit our Sleep Shop (yes, we love sleep that much and we know that we’re not alone in this) for just about everything that you could ever want or need for improved sleep. A few can’t-be-missed items? Beauty zzZz Tablets to ensure a good night’s rest via the help of a conglomeration of gentle herbs, a beautiful stone diffuser to scent the air, an eye mask to keep the sunlight from disturbing your hibernation time, and a blue light blocking screen protector (because chances are you’ll be on your phone — but it needn’t disturb your rest). Make sure to also set your iPhone to Night Mode, and establish a great nighttime routine. Your evening ritual should bring you pleasure and soothe you, so try some combination of deep breathing, stretching, meditating, reading, listening to music or simply spacing out to give your mind a break.

Another tip? Keep your bedroom reserved, as much as possible, for evening time and sleep. This way, your body knows that when you’re in there, it’s time to relax, rest and reset. We know — once it’s this gorgeous, you may want to spend as much of your time in there as possible — but resist the urge!

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