No matter what the couple says, you should always plan on buying them a wedding gift. Of course, if you’re looking for wedding gift ideas, you can always fall back on the registry. But ever since the inception of that laser product scanner, it seems as though it has morphed into a weekend shopping list, consumed by cookie racks and nesting bowls. 

For something truly special, you’ll need to think outside the department store. Here at Verishop, we’re filled to the digital brim with the home goods and kitchen wares newlyweds never knew they needed, all designed with both aesthetics and function in mind. Below, we’ve curated a moderate selection of some of our favorite wedding gifts. Trust us, each will be cherished from this day forward. 

1. Smeg Blender ($320)

A blender isn’t exactly the sexiest contribution, but this isn’t just any blender. It’s a Smeg. The Italian-based brand crafts kitchen essentials that are as high on quality as they are on looks. With a cool, retro-‘50s design, the blender comes in four color options, including pastel blue, and will be just the thing they need to whir up morning smoothies post-festivities.

2. Smeg Electric Kettle ($190)

Coordinate with another wedding guest and couple the Italian brand’s blender with its electric kettle. Also available in four colors — the mint/pistachio green is quite on trend — the high-end kettle reaches its boiling point in no time. And one doesn’t need to be religiously committed to tea time to enjoy it. Its multiuse list includes making French press coffee, warming baby bottles and hard-boiling eggs.

3. Staub Essential French Cast Iron Oven ($180)

The only thing better than a slow-cooked risotto is one that was simmered in this French cast-iron stunner. With a capacity that can hold up to nearly four quarts of home-style goodness, the Staub French oven can help your favorite newlyweds tackle domesticity like a boss — or rather, chef. From stews to jambalayas to Mom’s homemade cobbler, the French oven gets it done.

4. Greenpan Valencia Pro 11-Inch Ceramic Non-Stick Double Handled Grill ($70)

The best wedding gifts are the ones you want but wouldn’t necessarily buy for yourself (do I really need another pan?). The Greenpan double-handled grill is that exactly. An easy-to-wield grilling utensil thanks to the dual-sided handles, it lends superior induction efficiency to an anodized body in an effort to bring the barbecue indoors.

5. Hawkins NY Mara Marble Serving Board ($145)

When it comes to weddings — and wedding gifts — everything is elevated, including the slab on which the crudités are piled. This chic, marble serving board is available in two colors: a blush shade that would complement a selection of French cheeses and crackers nicely and a verdant tone that would make slices of charcuterie look extra appetizing. 

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6. Boll & Branch Solid Hemmed Organic Cotton Sheet Set ($220)

There’s nothing like coming home from a honeymoon that was both relaxing and exhausting to your own bed — only better. Give the gift of luxury with this sheet set made from long-staple organic cotton that only gets softer with every tumble-dry. They’re available in sizes from full (still in snuggle phase) to California king (we both get our own island). Bonus points for including a pillow spray with your gift.

7. Greenpan Levels Ceramic Non-Stick Stackable Set of 6 ($250)

Moving in together also means marrying piecemeal sets of pots and pans. Gift them the option to ditch the one-offs and start their lives cooking together with one svelte set. Greenpan offers a set of six staples that fit neatly within each other inside your cabinet. Also: Each piece is crafted with an actual crushed diamond coating. Talk about wedding gifts material.

8. Boll & Branch Organic Cotton Bath Sheet ($55)

Touchable luxury linens are enough to make anyone feel like royalty — even on a regular old Tuesday. Designed with a spa-like experience in mind, Boll & Branch’s jumbo-size towels are large enough to completely enrobe yourself in plush yet absorbent cloth. At 30-by-58 inches, a single sheet may even fit around the happy couple together.

9. Zwilling Pro 3-Piece Starter Knife Set ($200)

Zwilling’s ergonomic set comes equipped with a chef’s knife, serrated utility slicer and nifty paring utensil. The set’s characteristics boast curved bolsters, triple-riveted full tangs and handles, and ice-hardened FRIODUR blades. That’s all just to say this set is as sharp as your newly married giftees.

For more luxury gifts they’ll swoon over, check out our full selection of home goods.

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