When it comes to women’s wellness products, the options are often…less than great. They typically come in cliche, saccharine packaging and contain harmful chemicals we’d rather not shove into our bodies.

As it turns out, there are actually some excellent feminine hygiene products out there — many of them made by people with vaginas for people with vaginas — that are healthier, safer and just plain nicer to use. Here are a few of our favorites at the moment:

1. Cora Organic Tampons With Applicator ($10 for 32)

These tampons are 100% organic, made from ethically sourced cotton, and completely free of pesticides, polyester and fragrance. Most tampons on the market are chlorine bleached, which produces potentially hazardous dioxins as a byproduct. These organic cotton tampons, on the other hand, never come into contact with chlorine bleach and therefore don’t contain dioxins, making them a whole lot safer. 

2. Cora Menstrual Cup ($30)

While tampons are great because we’re so used to them — and because they’re so convenient — growing cotton just to throw it away every month isn’t exactly eco-friendly. They also carry some risk of TSS. If you’re looking for a new way to approach your monthly flow, Cora Cup is a good alternative. Designed by women, the feminine product is comfortable and made of BPA-free silicone to provide 12 hours of straight protection. 

3. Lady Suite Probiotic Refreshing Cleanser ($16)

Using regular soap on your lady bits can be pretty harsh and drying and upset the delicate balance of good bacteria. This stuff is specially formulated by a woman-owned wellness company to treat vulva skin specifically. After all, we would never use our body wash as a facial cleanser — don’t our vulvas deserve some special treatment too?

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4. Lady Suite Rejuvenating Botanical Oil ($46)

Ingrown hairs are the absolute worst. Nothing takes us from feeling sleek and sexy to totally inept like breaking out into wild red bumps after tidying up down there. This botanical oil from Lady Suite is the absolute T: Made from a blend of organic botanicals, it’s formulated to prevent razor bumps, ingrowns, dryness and redness. Plus, it smells amazing. 

5. De Lune Pain Tonic ($30)

Those who don’t get period pain, we are immensely jealous of you, and you can skip this one. Those of you who do, know you are not alone and add a bottle of this stuff to your cart immediately. We love to throw a few droppers into our herbal tea at our time of the month. The blend of natural inflammation-fighters, like ginger, calendula and motherwort, make cramps much more bearable.

6. De Lune PMS Pills ($30)

These pills tackle all your basic PMS issues, no matter how they change from month to month. Sometimes when Aunt Flo pays a visit, we feel extra down, almost depressed. To help with that, the smart scientists over at woman-founded brand De Lune created a formulation that includes vitamin B6 and iron to help release serotonin. Other months we just feel out of it, like we can’t concentrate, so there’s also rhodiola in there to help jump-start our brains. And to help with body aches and bloating, among other issues, there’s calcium, magnesium and zinc. Yes, please.

7. Poppy & Someday Breast Massage Oil ($40)

Now this is an awesome new self-care routine: Gift yourself this heavenly scented massage oil and engage in some healthy breast massage. The act doesn’t just feel good and help you reconnect to your body—it can also nourish your skin, and massage has been shown to help improve lymphatic circulation too. 

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