Let’s face it — even though we know that moving our bodies makes us look and feel better — in all ways — some days we can lack the motivation to get going. One way to make exercise more appealing? By having a closet (or drawer) stocked with beautiful, comfortable pieces to work out in. So get rid of those oversized T-shirts and tired leggings, and treat yourself to some beautiful new activewear to help you power through your workouts better than ever before.

With so many activewear companies to choose from that are making fashion activewear, it can be a bit maddening to know which brand is the one for you. We’re here to help you filter through the noise and make the decision simple. Here are some of the best women’s activewear on the market, depending on your tastes.

Glamour on the Go: Heroine Sport 

If you’re a woman who loves a bold, feminine, look, Heroine Sport is the line for you. Headquartered in New York City (and devoted to making their pieces in America), the activewear brand fuses bold designs with performance technology. The results? Standout pieces that are designed for strong women who aren’t afraid to wear the color pink — and allow for it to make them even stronger. Pair this super-soft, black long sleeve with blush pink leggings (complete with black side stripes to tie the outfit together) for a bold, powerful look.

Colorblock: LNDR

Think of LNDR as being the cool, new mod brand of women’s activewear. Founded in East London, the company makes well-made, ultra-comfortable essentials for women who are always on the move. They do colors well, and if you’re into the subtle, sleek look of color-blocking, try this blackberry-toned sports bra and the matching leggings — we love the rich, unexpected tone for every season. Why do they make some of the best activewear? LNDR appeals to the modern woman who likes unexpected takes on classic forms and colors. Their pieces are simple, but they incorporate subtle details and touches that make each piece just a bit more enticing.

Army Girl: Ultracor

If you’re a woman who has hearts in her eyes for prints such as camo, stars and stripes, look no further than Ultracor for your activewear needs. These bike shorts, with their gold stars, will make you feel even more powerful during your boxing class. If you love to take weekend hikes, do so in some camo leggings. They’re more likely to help you to stand out on the trail than to blend in, but passing hikers will appreciate your sense of humor.

Fuzzy Feeling: Varley

Varley is committed to quality and community at the very heart of everything that they create. Based between London and Los Angeles, Varley draws inspiration from both cities to create collections that are highly technical — and therefore some of the best women’s activewear — with a simultaneously elevated and understated aesthetic. The form and function of each piece is built to support the modern-day, multi-tasking lifestyle — so their activewear takes you from your barre class to Erewhon, in a swish of dual-city style.

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We love Varley and consider them to be one of the best activewear brands for women because of all of this, plus their use of prints, color and texture. If you hate working out and would rather stay in bed, wrapped in your blankets, being warm and cozy, put this luscious, super fuzzy coat on. You’ll be snug as a bug while you’re getting in your daily steps. 

Tailored Life: Lanston Sport

The Lanston Sport line is designed for the modern woman on the move. They make our list of the best activewear brands because each piece is handmade in Los Angeles, and made with pre- and post-workout style in mind. The brand emphasizes expert tailoring and focuses on sleek silhouettes and a palette of bold, gorgeous colors. Think of their pieces as your new basics — they’re elevated and allow for infinite stylization. Looking for something subtle but eye-catching to wear to the gym? Reach for these blush-nude leggings, and stay cozy in the face of the fierce AC (or while exercising outside) with the help of this pullover.

Animal Print: Onzie

Onzie is a Venice-based, California-cool women’s activewear brand that specializes in splashy, fun prints. Slither into your pilates class in these and you’ll turn some heads. Cat person? Feeling fierce? Love a good cat eye? Try this sports bra and these leopard print bike shorts on for size, and get ready to pounce onto that workout regimen. If you love prints (camo! metallics!) or are trying to introduce a bit more fun into the cocktail that is your wardrobe, this is the activewear brand for you.

So whether you’re looking for activewear that’ll help to project the strength of your femininity, want to be as warm as a polar bear while you’re working out, or are looking for more elevated versions of super-simple, classic activewear pieces, there’s a great women’s activewear brand out there — and right here — for you.

Sometimes enhanced self-empowerment begins with a great new pair of leggings.

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