Waterproof Mattress Protector - White
Waterproof Mattress Protector - WhiteWaterproof Mattress Protector - White


Waterproof Mattress Protector

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This mattress protectors have been custom-made with the intention of increasing your mattress' longevity while you enjoy a blissful sleeping experience. Crafted with quality and care, these protective covers guarantee improved comfort, giving you a more restful sleep. The mattress is an expensive purchase in the bedroom. It therefore makes good sense to protect your mattress from day one. a Waterproof Mattress Protector will keep your mattress stain free, protected and it can also add a layer of comfort. This waterproof antibacterial mattress protector is made from 100% cotton surface and quilted for extra comfort and provides allergy protection. It has laminate tpu backing with a waterproof coating. This 100% luxury cotton quilted Waterproof Mattress Protector has a generous 120gsm polyester filling, this ensures an uninterrupted nights sleep. They have a generous depth of 15” which is ideal for a deeper mattress. It is easy care and machine washable. Available in sizes narrow single through to super king, and a great match with this range of pillow protectors.

- Easy to launder, making your life easier
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