Rest and Restore
Rest and Restore
Rest and Restore
Rest and Restore
Rest and Restore
Rest and RestoreRest and Restore
Rest and RestoreRest and Restore
Rest and RestoreRest and Restore
Rest and RestoreRest and Restore
Rest and RestoreRest and Restore

Amy Myers MD

Rest and Restore

Rest and Restore

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Everyone Needs Restful Sleep: Sleep. all know they need it however, sometimes stress, aches and pains, racing thoughts and anxiety can keep you tossing and turning in bed all night long, denying you the 8 hours of restful sleep you so desperately need. Scenarios just like these are exactly why I developed Rest and Restore™. Rest and Restore™ is the ideal combination of PharmaGABA®, L-Theanine, Magnesium and Glycine to optimally support relaxation and a healthy night’s sleep. The Importance of Sleep: Have you heard about what can happen if you have trouble sleeping? As a Functional Medicine physician, I’ve treated thousands of patients from around the world and when I ask them about their top three health concerns, trouble sleeping is almost always on the list. Not reaching and staying in the deeper levels of sleep can cause problems that are as damaging as they are numerous; fatigue, daytime drowsiness, clumsiness, weight loss and weight gain, impaired driving, memory problems and more. That’s not even to mention the huge burden it places on your immune system, hormone balance, gut health and mood. Fall Asleep Fast & Stay Sleep: Sleep soundly and feel great when you wake up! I formulated Rest and Restore™ to not only support falling asleep fast, but also encourage deep and restful sleep so that your neurotransmitters, hormones and your entire body have ample opportunity to replenish and rejuvenate overnight. Reaching those lower levels of sleep is vital to maintaining optimal health and feeling your best every day when you wake up, ready to tackle the new day ahead. Delivers PharmaGABA & L-Theanine To Promote Alpha Brain Waves: Rest and Restore™ even helps support relaxation during the daytime. Because magnesium helps relax occasional muscle tension and L-Theanine & GABA both encourage an alpha brainwave pattern that promotes physical and mental relaxation, Rest and Restore™ is the perfect supplement to support a calm and relaxed mood during the daytime as well (not just before bed)! Take a look at the cutting-edge, pharmaceutical-grade ingredients in my Rest and Restore™ formula: Magnesium Glycinate: - The combination of the elemental mineral, magnesium and the amino acid, glycine, is a powerful ally in supporting a healthy night’s sleep. - Magnesium is vital to help relax stiff and tense muscles and it is involved in over 300 chemical reactions in your body (many that are associated with sleep!). - Glycine is an amino acid that ancestors got plenty of, however many of us are lacking today. Glycine can act as a neurotransmitter inhibitor in your brain, helping to support a calm and relaxed mood, a sense of well-being and a healthy night’s sleep. L-Theanine: L-Theanine is a unique amino acid found in green tea. I source mine from decaffeinated green tea leaves. When your brain is in a beta brainwave pattern, you are more likely to feel energized, tense, stressed, fearful or anxious. L-Theanine helps promote an alpha brainwave pattern that is often associated with a state of calm, like meditating, or reading a good book on your day off. GABA: Gamma-aminobutyric acid is a powerful and effective neurotransmitter inhibitor that has been the subject of many impressive clinical trials. PharmaGABA® is specially processed to help improve its absorption and bioavailability, specifically, its ability to cross your blood-brain barrier so it can help where it’s needed most. PharmaGABA® has been shown in clinical trials to help increase the production of alpha brain waves in your brain and create a profound sense of physical relaxation so you can finally relax before bed.

- Supports a healthy night’s sleep
- Helps maintain a regular sleep cycle
- Formulated with Pharma GABA® to promote a profound sense of physical relaxation
- Magnesium glycinate supports relaxed muscles and deeper, more restful sleep
- L-Theanine promotes an alpha brainwave pattern associated with meditation and rest
- Excellent for daytime use to support a calm and relaxed mood

Rest and Restore™ is perfect for anyone who:
- Has a hard time falling asleep
- Has taken other natural sleep aids and been disappointed
- Wakes up often during the night
- Wakes up too early in the morning
- Needs help relaxing before bed
- Has difficulty reaching the deeper stages of restful sleep
- Contents: 60 Capsules

Does Not Contain:
- Gluten
- Wheat
- Dairy
- Soy
- GMOs or yeast

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