Primal Earth Probiotic
Primal Earth Probiotic
Primal Earth Probiotic
Primal Earth Probiotic
Primal Earth ProbioticPrimal Earth Probiotic
Primal Earth ProbioticPrimal Earth Probiotic
Primal Earth ProbioticPrimal Earth Probiotic
Primal Earth ProbioticPrimal Earth Probiotic

Amy Myers MD

Primal Earth Probiotic

Primal Earth Probiotic

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What is a Soil-based Probiotic & How Do I Know If I Need One? If you haven't experienced good results with other probiotics or are dealing with SIBO, you may want to try a soil-based probiotic. Primal Earth is designed to survive the digestion process and populate your GI tract where it matters most your colon so you can feel your best. A Super Strength SBO Probiotic: This probiotic isn’t like your run-of-the-mill health-food store variety. My Primal Earth Probiotic contains three different strains of live, inherently viable symbiotic microorganisms. These soil-based super probiotics have a seed-like structure that protects them from heat, oxygen and even passage through the stomach and small intestine. Primal Earth Probiotic: Survives Digestion Intact! The probiotics in Primal Earth Probiotic reach your large intestine and colon intact, where they can colonize and proliferate, supporting optimal health and vitality. Because the viable microorganisms in Primal Earth Probiotic are protected from heat and stomach acid, they are able to travel undaunted through the digestive tract to their destination, the large intestine, and colon. Many Lactic Acid Based Probiotics Simply Don’t Work: Many lactic acid based probiotics available on the market simply don’t work... Unless the manufacturer of a lactic acid-based probiotic goes to great lengths to protect their probiotic formula from stomach acid, heat, oxygen and light, odds are that the CFU count you see on their label is woefully inaccurate. Many of these manufacturers either don’t understand the need for this or don’t want to spend the money to do it. Unfortunately, this results in many mass-market probiotic supplements simply not able to do what they advertise. Standard Probiotics Can Make SIBO Worse: If you can believe it, there are certain situations where standard lactic acid based probiotics can actually cause more complications than they solve. SIBO, or Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth, is one of those situations. Because SIBO is an overgrowth of bacteria in the small bowel often caused by chronic constipation or challenges with the nervous system, adding more lactic acid based bacteria into the small intestine can often be adding more fuel to the fire. This is a situation where a soil based probiotic can really shine. They don’t populate in the small intestine and lend themselves to bacterial overgrowth there, instead heading to the large intestine and colon where they can support vibrant health. Primal Earth Probiotic is the Ultimate SBO Probiotic: I custom formulated my Primal Earth Probiotic to perfectly mimic the key probiotics available in paleolithic ancestors’ diets. Paleo ancestors got much of their beneficial probiotic microorganisms from their environment and their food. When they picked a root vegetable from the organic, pristine earth, the humic rich soil was teeming with microorganisms, many that exist symbiotically with. In today’s washed and sterile society where they are twice removed from the source of food, many of us do not have the opportunity to be exposed to these types of probiotics. I believe this is almost certainly a piece of the puzzle with regard to why digestive issues are so much more common today than they once were.

- Promotes a normal bowel pattern
- Replenishes healthy GI microflora
- Helps alleviate occasional indigestion and nausea
- Assists in relieving occasional abdominal discomfort and bloating
- Survives stomach acid and the digestive process
- No need for refrigeration

Primal Earth Probiotic is an excellent choice for those who:
- Are not experiencing success with traditional lactic acid based probiotics
- Have taken a course of antibiotics
- Are looking to tackle tough digestive issues
- Travel frequently and want to take their probiotics with them
- Have a history of high stomach acid
- Do not want to keep their probiotics in the refrigerator
- Contents: 30 capsules

Does Not Contain:
- Gluten
- Wheat
- Dairy
- Corn
- Soy
- GMOs or Yeast.

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