Organic Reds
Organic Reds
Organic Reds
Organic Reds
Organic RedsOrganic Reds
Organic RedsOrganic Reds
Organic RedsOrganic Reds
Organic RedsOrganic Reds

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Organic Reds

Organic Reds

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Free radicals, oxidation, and toxins can rob you of your energy, your youthful glow, and your overall health! Your body must defend itself from the pollution and contaminants all around us, each and every day. That’s why it’s SO important to provide the cells in your body with the powerful phytonutrients, vitamins and polyphenols in a high-quality superfood powder to fight off free radicals. How To Choose A Superfood Powder There’s a lot of superfood supplements to choose from out there… but how many are packed with ONLY 100% USDA certified organic ingredients? The answer is not many at all and if they do exist, they almost certainly aren’t formulated by a Functional Medicine trained medical doctor. Save Time & Money Organic Reds Superfood Supplement Who’s really eating handfuls of superfood all day long? It’s quite difficult to consume a few, much less all of these organic red superfoods on a daily basis. It’s also costly and inconvenient. My team did some research and to buy these certified organic red superfoods separately every week is not only challenging… it also costs nearly as much as rent on a small apartment! Finally, you’d have to consume a substantial amount of these foods to make sure you’re getting enough of their powerful polyphenols in your body. Who has the time for that? Enter Organic Reds, the perfect companion to my #1 bestselling Organic Greens! Absolutely bursting with vital nutrients from 13 certified organic, brightly-colored red roots, fruits and berries superfood powders. Organic Reds Superfood Powder Passes The Taste Test My Organic Reds superfood powder tastes just like fruit punch! I can’t wait for you to taste it – It’s so, so refreshing… I absolutely love it stirred into a glass of water – and if it’s a hot day outside, I’ll add a few ice cubes for a delicious chilled treat. You can also add it to smoothies, juice, tea or desserts for a burst of nutrients. I achieved the fruit punch flavor (after many revisions, using ONLY certified organic natural flavors and certified organic monk fruit extract for just enough sweetness. Of course I added zero sugars. Try it today – your body will thank you! Organic Beet Root Powder Beets are known as a “circulation superfood” by virtue of their ability to boost nitric oxide levels in your body. They’re also a rich source of phytochemicals and bioactive compounds that help support healthy nitric oxide levels, blood flow & circulation (including to the brain), mental and physical energy levels, endurance, and more. Organic Pomegranate Pomegranates are also revered as a circulatory superfood. Optimal circulation means supporting optimal oxygen and nutrient delivery to every cell in your body. One reason is that they may enhance eNOS activity, which, similar to red beetroot, promotes nitric oxide production. What’s more, the tannins in pomegranates have been shown to provide additional support for healthy endothelial cell (endothelial cells line your blood vessels), offering further support for healthy circulation and supporting healthy blood pressure. Organic Aronia Berries These magical berries are extremely rich in polyphenols. Clinically shown to be one of nature’s MOST powerful vasodilators (so your blood can pump freely)4. These powerful berries also contain ample polyphenols called anthocyanins. Anthocyanins can help promote vascular health by supporting the body’s natural antioxidant pathways. This is important because oxidative damage to the endothelial cells may interfere with their ability to produce nitric oxide, a well-known vasodilator. Anthocyanins also support healthy blood flow by promoting the expression of eNOS, an enzyme that generates nitric oxide

Organic Reds:
- Rich in superfoods & phytonutrients often missing from our diets†
- Beetroot facilitates healthy blood flow and vascular elasticity & supports healthy blood pressure†
- Aronia berry supports heart cells and cell membranes by mitigating damage & DNA fragmentation caused by toxins and oxidation†
- Mulberry promotes brown fat activation, helping maintain optimal fat metabolism†
- Infused with high levels of ellagic acid to brighten skin & protect against harmful free radicals†
- 100% USDA certified organic

Organic Reds is perfect for anyone who:
- Desires brighter skin, an energy boost, and optimal circulation
- Is interested in healthy weight loss and fat metabolism
- Does not eat 8 full servings of fresh organic fruits and vegetables every day
- Wants to save a lot of money and time vs. buying juice at a juice bar
- Is tired of “superfood” powders that are filled with chemicals and toxins and demands a delicious, premium, certified-organic option designed by a physician

- Contents: 8.4 oz. (30 servings)
- Does not contain: Gluten, Wheat, Dairy, Corn, Soy, GMOs, or Yeast.

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