Organic Greens
Organic Greens
Organic Greens
Organic Greens
Organic GreensOrganic Greens
Organic GreensOrganic Greens
Organic GreensOrganic Greens
Organic GreensOrganic Greens

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Organic Greens

Organic Greens

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My Organic Greens Supplement Is Delicious: - I’ve been following The Myers Way® for years and at this point in my practice, I’ve literally tried it all. Many of the greens powders I’ve purchased over the years tasted so bad, I had to throw them out! My Organic Greens taste great and unlike other brands, they do it 100% organically! You won’t find any added sugars, artificial flavors, GMOs, or any other nasty ingredients. Organic Greens : Get Your greens On The Go!: - As a Functional Medicine physician, I travel quite a bit and finding organic fruits and vegetables in the hotel restaurant or anywhere nearby is sometimes impossible! The alternative? Trying to find a way to buy them in a health food store near your hotel and somehow cook them, or bringing your own salad dressing through airport security… you can see that this is not ideal (or sometimes not even a possibility). Organic Greens to the rescue! No messy oils, no cooking, no airport hassle! Just mix a scoop into a glass of water or juice and you’re way ahead of the game! Organic Greens Saves You A Ton of Money: - Have you been to a juice bar recently? The prices are astronomical. My team and I visited a few and what Amy Myers MD found was. not so great. First of all, almost nothing’s certified organic and yet, the prices you’ll pay suggest they were grown fertilized only with gold dust. In the research, Amy Myers MD discovered 30 servings of juice at a juice bar with the nutritional equivalent of what you’ll find in my Organic Greens would cost you $255.00! Yikes! That’s over SIX TIMES more expensive per serving! Organic Greens Saves You Time: - Forget about juicing yourself. Organic Greens will save you loads of time. Juicers are expensive, all the organic produce you need to juice is expensive and the time spent pulling out the juicer, putting it together, washing and cutting veggies, actually juicing them, then breaking down and cleaning the machine before you put it away can take up your ENTIRE morning. With Organic Greens, you get the nutrients of a fresh glass of organic juice, with just one simple scoop! Steer Clear Of Toxins With Organic Greens: - Organic Greens are so much better for you! The problems with getting your juice from a grocery store are many. As I said earlier, it’s rarely ever organic. That means you’re getting concentrated pesticides and other nasty chemicals every time you take a sip of your juice. And besides the fact that a single serving of any of these store-bought brands can cost you up to $9.00 a serving, there’s another big problem Amy Myers MD need to discuss… The entire time your juice is sitting in that plastic bottle on the store shelf, it’s leaching carcinogenic and endocrine-disrupting toxins such as BPA & BPS right out of the plastic! That’s right because store-bought brands are in a liquid form, they react with the plastic bottle they’re stored in. Organic Greens is 100% organic and specially dried and powdered, preserving all of the nutritional value so it won’t leach chemicals from its container!

Who Should Use Organic Greens?:
- Organic Greens is perfect for anyone who:
- Wants to save a lot of money vs buying juice from a juice bar
- Is looking to save a lot of time versus juicing produce every morning
- Wishes to alkalize their body, increasing healthy PH
- Travels often and wants a doctor-designed source of organic nutrition
- Wants to mitigate stress & balance hormonal health
- Contents: 9.1 oz. (30 servings)
- Does Not Contain: Gluten, Wheat, Dairy, Corn, Soy, GMOs, or Yeast.

- 100% USDA Certified Organic
- Rich in the superfoods and phytonutrients that are missing in the modern diets
- Spirulina and chlorella are among the richest nutrient sources on the planet
- Alkaline greens support detoxification and deliver a boost of antioxidants
- Includes Peruvian maca root for optimal mental clarity and vitality & hormonal health
- Ashwagandha promotes ideal immune function and encourages stress relief
- Infused with turmeric and ginger to support inflammation balance

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