L-Glutamine Capsules
L-Glutamine Capsules
L-Glutamine Capsules
L-Glutamine CapsulesL-Glutamine Capsules
L-Glutamine CapsulesL-Glutamine Capsules
L-Glutamine CapsulesL-Glutamine Capsules

Amy Myers MD

L-Glutamine Capsules

L-Glutamine Capsules

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Repair Leaky Gut with L-Glutamine: - I’m sure you’ve heard about leaky gut before. Leaky gut is what happens when your gut barrier becomes compromised to the point of allowing foreign matter from your digestive tract into your bloodstream, where it absolutely should not be. Anyone who is concerned about autoimmunity, food sensitivities and inflammation, should be paying attention to Glutamine. A Healthy Gut Is Key To Optimal Immune System Health: - Glutamine supports and helps to maintain a healthy gut barrier. Your gut barriers are easily one of the most important parts of your immune system. It’s what keeps potentially allergenic and inflammatory proteins from entering your bloodstream where they can trigger an immune response. These immune responses can be simply irritating to downright devastating. They can lead to everything from itching, swelling and inflammation, to allergy development, allergic reactions and even the manifestation of autoimmunity. L-Glutamine Supports Healthy Insulin Levels: - If you want to help balance blood sugar, as well as support healthy weight loss, look no further than Glutamine. Glutamine helps to support a balanced insulin response which in turn helps keep blood sugar levels in check throughout the day. Add to this that Glutamine supports healthy pancreatic function and you have a powerful aid in supporting and maintaining healthy fat loss. An added bonus is that by helping to balance blood sugar levels, stress hormone levels, such as cortisol, are also positively impacted. Support Your Natural Immune Function & Thyroid: - My L-Glutamine supports thyroid and immune system health. By supporting gut barrier integrity, you are making great strides in supporting normal immune function and therefore, your thyroid. Your thyroid is incredibly sensitive and susceptible to an immune system gone awry. Unfortunately, many inflammatory proteins that a compromised gut barrier allows into your bloodstream trigger immune responses that can damage the thyroid as well. If you have thyroid issues or are concerned about thyroid and immune health, a high-quality Glutamine should absolutely be in your supplement cabinet. L-Glutamine Is Great For Muscle Recovery After Exercise: - L-Glutamine supports muscle tissue repair, especially after workouts. While the fitness community has known this for decades, this is a fantastic trait of glutamine that is often overlooked. Because glutamine is the most abundant amino acid involved in muscle synthesis, it is readily used by the body to help repair muscle tissue that’s been damaged due to over-exercising and overuse. If you work out regularly and feel sore and stiff afterward, glutamine can help support muscle growth and repair after your workouts and assist with alleviating occasional muscle aches and pains.

Who Should Take My L-Glutamine Supplement?:
- Glutamine is a fantastic choice for anyone who
- Has digestive issues or is concerned about leaky gut
- Wants to support a healthy and normally functioning gut barrier
- Wants to beat sugar cravings and maintain a healthy weight
- Works out or exercises and wants to support rapid muscle repair
- Wants to support healthy immune and thyroid function
- Is concerned about adequate amino acid intake
- Has taken a course of antibiotics
- Contents: 120 Capsules
- Does Not Contain: Gluten, wheat, dairy, corn, soy, GMOs, or yeast

- Support optimal gut barrier function
- Help maintain a healthy stomach and intestinal lining
- Support thyroid and immune system function
- Beat sugar cravings and helps maintain a healthy weight
- Contain 850 mg of L-glutamine per capsule

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