Quality furniture is great, but a room doesn’t really come to life until you have the right home accessories. If the living room feels drab, add a pop of color with a luxurious throw pillow. Need an extra dose of cozy? An impeccably soft throw can bring in classic hygge vibes.

Home accessories are a great way to freshen up decor, since something as small as a candle can take a room from dull to stylish with the flick of a lighter. After shopping for just a few minutes online, you can have the home decor accessories you need to elevate your space.

1. Norden Ceramic Candle Set ($95)

Candles create a mood. This set of three allows you to try different scents, colors and designs to see which is right for each room. The woodsy-citrus fragrances will transport you to places like Ojai and Big Sur, enhancing the ambiance of your home instantly, while the minimalist containers double as cups or vases after the wax is gone.

2. Rose & Fitzgerald Marbled Soapstone Curved Bookend Set ($145)

Bookends need to make a comeback. This curved pair is made from marbled soapstone with swirls of pink and orange on a light blush base. The simple shape lets the colors shine and breaks up the straight lines of a typical bookshelf. Even your most embarrassing YA novel will look effortlessly cool. 

3. Bungalow Denmark Velvet Ochre Cushion Cover ($40)

It’s all too easy to stick with neutrals or stark black and white, but a strong dash of color can bring life to a room. This bright mustard home accessory looks lush and inviting, while the 20-inch size keeps the concentrated hue from overwhelming the area. 

4. Cire Trudon Madeleine Room Spray ($215)

A vintage-inspired glass atomizer is the height of classy home accessories. The beveled green vessel holds a sensual mix of jasmine, clove and leather. Spray the scent on fabrics or furniture or simply spritz into the air to turn your living room into a glamorous parlor in Versailles.

5. Rose & Fitzgerald Pure Brass and Marbled Soapstone Coasters ($110)

There’s something about a set of well-crafted coasters that says, “This is an adult home,” more than any other home decor accessory. These soapstone drink rests come in a lovely blush swirl and are held in place by four brass prongs. The brass and marble look elegant, and the hearty soapstone will hold up against any cup, glass or mug you throw at it.

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6. Spacey Studios “First Light” Framed Print ($150)

Cure the blank wall blues with this colorful print. The serene sunset photograph is one of only 25, so it feels super special. Plus, a part of the profit from all Spacey Studios pieces goes toward a scholarship for art students who need financial support. 

7. Hawkins NY Simple Linen Throw ($150)

A living room without a throw is like The Spice Girls without Ginger — it just isn’t right. This black linen blanket is good for all seasons and light enough to be worn as a wrap. The loose waffle stitch creates texture while the fringed hem brings a little fun to this classic home accessory.

8. Morrow Soft Goods Billie Baby Alpaca Pillow ($129)

Mixing comfort, simplicity and chic design, this alpaca pillow is an ideal addition to your couch, especially since the soft gray color matches any palette. Sophisticated and soothing, this piece comes with a pillow insert, so it can cozy up your home right away. 

9. Elvang Denmark Raindrops Alpaca Throw ($338)

When you get one alpaca piece, you’ll probably want lots more. This textured, ivory blanket is handwoven by Peruvian artisans and made from 100% baby alpaca wool. The home accessory is as soft as your favorite teddy bear and warmer than fresh baked cookies. 

10. Anchal Project Organic Cotton Geo Lumbar Pillow Cover ($58)

Add a splash of graphic design to your living room with this hand-sewn pillow cover. Its long rectangular shape is great for lumbar support and makes it the focal point of any room. Plus, all pieces from the Anchal Project help women in India find new careers as textile artisans.

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