Let’s face it — a great pair of sunglasses can make an entire outfit. Not only that, but the best sunglasses will protect your beloved eyes from harmful UV rays, thus preserving them, while making you look even more mysterious and fashionable. Sunglasses are a great way of expressing your own personal style, and one can never own too many pairs. There are so many popular sunglasses brands on the market, which can be a bit overwhelming. So, who are the best sunglasses brands for fashion sunglasses? Read ahead.

Timeless Sophistication: Karen Walker

Karen Walker sunglasses are eccentric and elegant. They’re loved and worn by celebrities and fashion-forward people from all walks of life, across the globe. Walker’s innovative sunglasses juxtapose masculine and feminine touches, commingled with details and design elements that are at once luxe but street. Karen Walker sunglasses are sophisticated, timeless, and will pair well with just about everything that you wear. We love these strong but playful blue-framed shades, and are obsessing over these geometric frames. Think of them as subtle jewelry for your eyes — they’re polished, sharp and smart, making them a great pair of sunglasses for people of any age. Karen Walker sunglasses are of super high quality, so you can rest assured that they’ll last — and continue to spark your joy.

Innovation Within Reach: Le Specs

Le Specs has been around since 1979, and has since gained a cult following for its reasonably priced, trendsetting sunglasses. Its sunglasses are worn and loved by numerous stylish celebrities including Beyoncé, Rihanna, Gigi and Bella Hadid, Lady Gaga and Kendall Jenner. Their sunglasses are very on-trend, but also very wearable. We’re purring about these cat-eye sunglasses. If you’re into aviators, you’ll likely love this take on the classic.

All Fun and Games: Quay Australia

Quay Australia was born on the festival circuit. Its playful, carefree frames are inspired by musicians, festival-goers and other freethinkers. They’re totally affordable, too, making them a great fashion sunglasses line to look to when you’re on the search for a pair of splashy sunglasses for vacation, pool parties and the like. These, with their translucent, shell pink frames, are great for days spent outside during the warmer months, and these square frames are great for everyday wear, throughout the entirety of the year. They’re a serious pair of shades, with a dose of lightheartedness in thanks to their ombre lenses.

The Surrealist: George Keburia

George Keburia sunglasses are inspired by outlandish concepts in surrealist art. His pieces are representative of a modern interpretation of femininity — and we’re all for it. Keburia has a sharp, artful and individualized eye for different colors, prints and shapes. The line is full of one-of-a-kind emblems of authenticity. Think works of art for that will frame your eyes — the sunglasses are clever and well-executed, without being over the top. These are playful, back-to-the-future fashion sunglasses, and we love the playful, well-executed design of these cat-eyes. While wearing George Keburia sunglasses, you’ll have no fear of running into people who are wearing the same sunglasses as you. Slip on a pair of George Keburia glasses for an afternoon of gallery-hopping, and you — and your sunglasses — will feel right at home.

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Classics for All: Flatist

The Copenhagen-based Flatist creates unisex sunglasses that are designed for all and built to last, using European components. Their classic designs have a handmade quality, and contextualize retro designs to make them fit in our modern world. Flatist makes, “Real product for real people.” And as real people who love beautiful versions of tried-and-true designs, we’re all for it. These black shades are a must-have for everyone, and we love the bright, ‘70s feel of these. If you’re the type of person who keeps a single pair of sunglasses for years on end, Flatist is an excellent sunglasses brand for you to get acquainted with. Their shades go with just about any outfit, and have universal fits. 

Color Made Simple: KOMONO

The Belgium-based fashion sunglasses brand KOMONO makes shades that intertwine a versatile color palette with a minimalist aesthetic. The brand has stayed true to its roots, never settling for anything less than the ambitious Belgian standard of quality and craft, and has a global following. We’re crazy about these beautifully toned sunglasses, and love the super-subtle tortoiseshell detailing and subtle sculpting of these classic sunglasses.

Whether you’re looking for a classic pair of sunglasses to wear season after season, year after year, or for something more fun to wear for occasions, there are tons of great styles and sunglasses brands on the market. Sophisticated frames are only a few clicks away — and they’ll make your outfits endlessly more dressed, interesting and textural. 

Who doesn’t love a great pair of sunglasses? View our entire sunglasses collection here, and feast your eyes. Don’t forget to treat them to a new pair or two, while you’re at it. 

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