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It can be tricky to know which fashion trends to jump on board with. Some are here and gone before you know it (tiny sunglasses); others stick around for years (skinny jeans) or keep coming back again and again (leopard print). Which is why we believe in having fun with them. You don’t have to […]

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It’s natural to want to reach for sleeveless shirts and mesh shorts when the heat strikes, but there are plenty of ways to add style without overheating. The key is choosing loosely woven fabrics, light colors and breathable cuts. These men’s summer clothes all fit the bill, proving that with the right pieces, you can […]

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Is there any body part more universally despised than the armpit? Even the word causes most of us to wrinkle our noses in disgust, despite our best body-positive intentions. But recently, health advocates of the internet have decided these dark, dank caves are worthy of the same kind of loving care we give to our […]

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