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When people invite you into their home, you can assume it’s because they enjoy your company. If they’ve gone so far as to have you stay overnight, they must really like you. Return the favor and show them how honored you are to be there with a hostess gift. Whether you’re stopping by for an […]

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No matter how old we get, we still get that fresh-start feeling every time September rolls around. Even if you’re just returning to the office after the long weekend, the beginning of fall is a good time to reset and refocus — and maybe even pick back up on those resolutions you dropped in February. […]

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It’s summer, the windows are propped open, and instead of forest-fresh balsams and honeybee blossoms wafting into the room, your space is filling with the odor of yesterday’s trash, sun-cooked and begging for pickup. Close those windows and bring the season in another way: with summer candle scents. Get whisked away to the blood orange […]

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