Sego Hand and body rescue
Sego Hand and body rescueSego Hand and body rescue

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Sego Hand and body rescue

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Your skin is suffering—dry, cracked, and rough. You need something to soothe and bring life back to your overworked hands. However, you've been unable to find a product that didn't leave you applying and reapplying just to keep pace with your drying skin. You need a little something extra, something stronger, to remedy what ails you. Enter Sego Hand and Skin Rescue. Where our Sego After Shave Balm is heavier than our original, offering more intense soothing and moisturization, Sego Hand and Skin Rescue is heavier still, built to care for the skin in most dire need. If nothing else is quite enough, then this, my friend, is for you.

- 12 oz

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