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Kids Tie Dye Rain Boot - Fuschia
Western Chief

Kids Tie Dye Rain Boot - Fuschia

Color - Fuchsia
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Tie dye printed boots in pink, blue, and white. Matching pink outsole and looped handles. White glitter top and bottom trim help frame this boot nicely. Boots are easy to clean after a day of play.

Handmade waterproof construction with natural rubber
Removable EVA insole for comfort
Moisture-Absorbent Polyester/Cotton Lining
Two pull handles make it easy for kids to pull them on and off, promotes self-dressing
Easy to Clean
Glitter infused boot details that don't flake off
Western Chief has been making trusted family footwear since 1891. All products are handmade with the intent of keeping the wearer dry and comfortable in unpredictable weather.

SKU - #M00606725657835
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Founded in Seattle in 1891, Western Chief began making boots to hold up against tough weather conditions during the Alaska Gold Rush. Today, Western Chief continues to provide family footwear options for outdoor wear. Footwear offerings range from lovable character rain boots for kids, whimsical and cozy boots for women, durable work boots for men, and more. Whether you need boots for play, trudging through muddy fields, gardening, navigating city streets, or every day wear - Western Chief has you covered with affordable, functional boots to fit your lifestyle. For those less rainy days, we offer sandals with the same styling, whimsical prints, and bright colors as your favorite boots. We are fourth-generation family owned company.