The Period Kit
The Period KitThe Period Kit

Tease Tea

The Period Kit

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A menstruation support blend featuring detoxifying dandelion leaf to get back into the flow during the monthly flow. Caffeine free. An ayuvedic inspired blend with hints of citrus and cinnamon featuring super-herb moringa to elevate self care rituals. Caffeine free. A calming blend to guide you from a long day, straight into dreamland with peppermint and rooibos. Caffeine free. Coconut chamomile dreams bath soak:​​slip into this luxe hydrating bath soak made with ethically sourced organic egyptian chamomile flowers and creamy coconut milk. Ideal for a pre-bed time ritual.

At Tease, we believe that every sip counts. The little things we do every day can have a big impact on ourselves and the people around us. That’s why we make all-natural, loose-leaf tea blends that aren’t just good for you. They’re good for our planet.

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