The Kiné Basket, Flat Top - Brown
The Kiné Basket, Flat Top
The Kiné Basket, Flat Top - BrownThe Kiné Basket, Flat Top - Brown
The Kiné Basket, Flat TopThe Kiné Basket, Flat Top

Tackussanu Senegal

The Kiné Basket, Flat Top



Flat Top
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Playful basket for your kids' room! This extra large basket can contain numerous amount of clothing in your bathroom or kids' toys and decorate your wooden floor or tiled or concrete space with a natural aspect.Upgrade your space with a necessary but beautiful item. This baskets are handmade by the artisan women in rural areas of Senegal.  These artisan women have skills and traditional techniques that have been passed down through generations. They work from home, usually weaving under mango trees in the late afternoon and evening. The process of making the basket is called coiling  they take the local grown grass and it is wrapped in recycled plastic strips. Making these items durable, sustainable & eco-friendly. The entire process allows our artisans to extend their market from local to global, allowing them the opportunity for independence and empowerment. Thank you for supporting their work and allowing their traditions to be passed down through families and into the global marketplace.

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