Pentai Quartz 36mm - Gold
Pentai Quartz 36mm
Pentai Quartz 36mm - GoldPentai Quartz 36mm - Gold
Pentai Quartz 36mmPentai Quartz 36mm

Stuhrling Original

Pentai Quartz 36mm

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Ladies Quartz, Gold Toned Case, Gold Toned Crystal Studded Bezel, Gold Toned Dial, Gold Toned Hands And Markers, Gold Toned Crystal Studded Bracelet Watch

Stuhrling Original has a brand rating of 4.0

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When it comes to capturing the classic engineering, design and craftsmanship that defines the kind of luxury timepiece that defies description, few brands come close to Stuhrling. Rather than blithely follow centuries of watchmaking tradition, we chose to reimagine them using the same state of the art production techniques as many of the world’s leading edge brands.The result? Award-winning timepiece collections that while diverse, reflect the tactile, ergonomic and precise fit and finish of brands costing thousands more. When it’s time to tell your story, it’s time for Stuhrling.

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