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Rose & Fitzgerald Mugavu Geometric Bottle Stopper product image

Mugavu Geometric Bottle Stopper

Color - Brown
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Don’t let a good bottle go to waste. Beautiful and functional, this hand-carved wood stopper creates an airtight seal that preserves your unfinished wine. Each piece is crafted by a group of woodworkers in Kampala, Uganda, making it one of a kind.

4” x 1 ½”
SKU - #F30010006000200
Rose & Fitzgerald
Founded in California and based in Kampala, Uganda, Rose & Fitzgerald is an art, design and craft studio that creates contemporary home goods using traditional East African techniques. Each piece is handmade by individual artisans with luxurious materials that have been locally sourced to offer a one-of-a-kind collection for your home.
Mugavu wood
Chrome and silicone stopper