ReBalance Capsules
ReBalance Capsules
ReBalance CapsulesReBalance Capsules
ReBalance CapsulesReBalance Capsules

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ReBalance Capsules

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Periods, post-partum healing or just life itself can sometimes throw hormones out of whack, which is why we created our powerful vegan Rebalance Capsules. Our formula features a blend of vitamins and botanicals to support your body to work in harmony all month long.

- Vitamins A, C and E, superfood mushrooms (cordyceps and reishi) and black cohosh help support balanced hormones
- Botanicals like lavender help calm, soothe and support mood
- Dandelion contains antioxidants and helps reduce inflammation
- Black pepper helps support digestion and nutrient absorption
- St. John's Wort can help support a balanced mood
- Digestive enzymes support regularity, especially during that time of the month
- No artificial preservatives
- No sugar added
- Non-GMO
- Vegan & gluten free
- No harmful fillers or colorants

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