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We at PRIDE+GROOM are obsessed with PROUD. We've spritzed the dogs and anything else that would sit still since first completing the formula. It’s fresh, unusual, and just like your dog, an instant mood lifter. If we were sentimental, we’d say it smelled like unconditional love. But we’re not. Although, to be fair, it kind of smells like unconditional love.

Usage Instructions

Spray onto anything and anyone in need of a little freshening.

Care Instructions

Avoid eyes


Aqua Ethyl Alcohol Propanediol (And) Ethylhexylglycerin (And) Potassium Sorbate Neodol Tetrasodium Diethylenetriaminetetraacetate Citric Acid Fragrance 100.00%

SKU - #M00850017452053
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Pride+Groom believes in affording the creatures with whom we share our lives and homes the same attention and quality we provide ourselves; beginning with a flagship line of all-natural, high end, great-smelling grooming products aimed at addressing a dog’s specific coat and skin needs.