Featured on the Today Show! 14 Wellness Finds To Reignite Your Resolutions

Feeling a bit sluggish on those new year’s resolution results? It’s not just you, we promise. It can be tricky to bridge the gap between the “ideal self” we dream up on January 1st and how we actually show up each day after that. Sometimes you just need to hit refresh and reprioritize.

Our advice? Give yourself a break, pour a soothing beverage, and invest in a few game-changing upgrades that will make goal-getting feel lighter. Start with this resolution-minded roundup of our top wellness products featured on the Today show! From comfy loungewear to self-care routine-inspired essentials, you’ll find helpful picks to reinspire that “new year, new you” vibe.

The best part? Right now you can take 20% Off select activewear, fitness, beauty products and more with the code BESTYOU22 with a minimum spend of $50. This is one to-do you won’t want to procrastinate on, though, because these exciting finds are selling quickly. We’ll see you over there…