Go bold with fresh eyeliner looks.

If the eyes are the window to the soul, then a bold eyeliner look is the neon sign encouraging people to take a peek. From the classic cat and puppy eyeliner to the glittery and graphic, eyeliner has become a key element of fun makeup styles. We’re breaking down the fresh and favorite takes on eyeliner to inspire you to try something eye-catching. 

Good Clean Fun

The best eyeliner look is one that makes you feel confident to be boldly you, and the best eyeliner products are ones that are good for you and for the environment. That’s why all the items you’ll see below meet our Truly Clean Beauty standards.

Color Outside The (Eye)line

We’re over wishing our eye color would change. These days we’re all about bringing in coveted colors via richly pigmented eyeliners and exaggerated lines. Mix and match black and green like @markphong. Keep the shape simple and the color stunning like @sandrazhang’s indigo cat eye. Follow @ber_amos’s lead and layer on top of colorful shadow to maximize the effect.

Can’t-Go-Wrong Classic Winged Eyeliner

Cat eyeliner will always have a special place in our beauty repertoire. There’s no denying the feline eye gives an effortlessly flirty look. Choosing a liquid eyeliner will give you a wing sharper than a knife’s edge as seen on @dejafoxx. A pencil or gel eyeliner will give a slightly softer, smokey look. Finish with your favorite mascara and share your best cat eye with us on the Verishop app.

A Bold Blur (Great For Hooded Eyes!)

If you’re more comfortable with color than stark black lines, blend different shades of the similar bright color to create a look that pops without being too pop-art. Start with a lighter base on the lid and blend out with a darker shade in a soft angle from the corner of the eye to the crease. Dab a bit of color on the lower lash line and voila! A great way to get an impactful look on hooded eyes as seen in this tutorial by @allanface.