Cozy Modern Minimal: 25 Finds To Inspire Your 2022 Home Makeover

Many of us have spent a lot of time at home over the past two years (perhaps far more than we would have liked to—especially in our home offices. But all of that exposure to your own living space *might* have planted the seed for a cozy aesthetic makeover to unfold (and we love a happy ending). If the new year has inspired you to refresh your living space, you’re in the right place. We’ve put together 25 of our favorite finds from kitchen and dining to living and lounge areas. Discover brands you’ll fall for (and revisit already-favorites) as you prepare to love your living space in 2022.

Meal Prep

A hectic place where dishes and snacks are assembled all day, the kitchen is at risk of becoming the least aesthetic room in your home. That’s why we love cookware and serveware that ticks our visual boxes. Whether you store toppings (like jam, nuts and sugar) in wooden pots or pour tea water from a sleek spout, you’ll love preparing meals in your newly streamlined space.

Dining In

Because the dining room is a place to gather and enjoy time together—and delicious food, of course—it’s a room that deserves to be designed with intention. On-trend water glasses make pre-dinner sips a delight. Minimalist plates let the menu steal the show. A vibe-enhancing (and safe) candle holder is a perfect finishing touch.

Simple Living

Your living room should be filled with people, not objects. But if you stock up on anything, let it be cozy throw pillows. Additional blankets can be stored in a stylish side table-basket hybrid, while a muted rug brings the room together. Want one of our favorite interior tips? With the perfect candle burning, the atmosphere is set sans-excess decor.


The bedroom’s main purpose is to get those precious eight hours of sleep, but you may also find yourself enjoying some self-care time here (for the record, we approve). Cuddle up with a minimalist motif blanket and ultra-comfy lumbar pillow. A sleek side table can hold your favorite book, along with a strategically chosen decorative accent.

Lounge Mode

While you *should* let loose on the patio, your outdoor space should be as streamlined and thoughtful as the rest of your home. To nail the minimalist look, go for smooth lines, natural wood furniture, and cement accents. We love this chic personal fireplace for chilly nights. And what’s a stylish patio without a modern plant pot?