How To: Create A Quintessential July Picnic, The Paint&Petals Way

One of the most enjoyable aspects of Summer is getting to enjoy friends, food and the great outdoors! What better way to experience all three at once than with a Paint&Petals picnic. Paint&Petals is located in Lake Tahoe, Nevada. The beautiful mountain range, bright blue lake water and sandy beaches create a prime backdrop for picnicking. Although picnics are quite casual there is an art to hosting the ultimate outdoor meetup.

The Serveware

Paint&Petals outdoor serveware is an absolute must when creating a memorable picnic. Start by laying out your favorite outdoor blanket. Next, begin to layer your other picnic elements on top. I always start with a statement picnic basket. It creates a focal point and a way to keep your food elevated off of the ground. Complete your picnic decor with colorful tea towels and paper napkins - two items that are practical and great for a picturesque pop of color.

The Platter

Paint&Petals’ tabletop items function as a beautiful surface for plating your food. Our melamine platters and plates easily mix and match with our paper cups and napkins. I recommend packing bread, crackers, cheeses and fresh fruit that is easy to eat. Don’t forget to keep your guests hydrated and offer a light Rosé, fresh juice or lemon water.

The Wardrobe

The key to dressing for a picnic is to layer pieces. This helps with staying warm if the weather changes. I recommend a comfy sweater dress or jeans and a tee that can be styled with one of our Paint&Petals scarves. Our scarves are great for keeping you super warm yet still chic. The long Hydrangea Scarf and square Butterfly Scarf are two of our most popular. I also like to bring a Paint&Petals apron out with me for prepping the space. 

Wishing you a beautiful Summer picnicking season!



Founder of Paint&Petals

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