Work Smarter: 30 Streamlined Home Office Finds

Let's face it: You've mastered video call protocol. Your wardrobe is a balanced mix of comfy and professional. By now, it's pretty clear that the work-from-home lifestyle isn't a passing trend. By adapting and reimagining our routines — and even starting side-hustles — our new normal has truly become a space to thrive. And because a thoughtful, functional home office can increase productivity (and good vibes) we're giving yours a glow up. Explore 30 (!) of our favorite remote workday essentials to elevate every corner of your home office, from minimalist decor to effortless organization.

Cover Your Basics

If you've been working remotely for a while, you may want to trade in some thoroughly-loved furniture and basic fixtures for functional upgrades. A standing desk has numerous health benefits, while a chic minimalist lamp can add personality — and give you an excuse to turn off any harsh overhead lighting.

Keep It Simple

A disorganized desk can put a damper on a productive day. If sorting sounds like a hassle (it does to us, to be honest!) why not make it fun? A colorful accordion file system is easy to find things in. Your schedule can be tracked on a streamlined calendar, while your most important documents can be tucked away in a sleek folder.

Tech Refresh

Make your workspace work for you with smart tech upgrades. A USB port creates a place to plug (and charge) all of your devices, while a wireless charging dock eliminates unnecessary cables. High-quality headphones are sure to reduce "can you repeat that?" requests during video calls — which sort of makes them priceless.

Desktop Details

The goal? An uncluttered home office that reflects your personality. Try adding strategic items that’ll help you get organized *and* aesthetically on point. Test out minimalist nesting trays for small things like paper clips. Rogue writing utensils? Round them up in a pastel pencil cup. Your desk plant deserves an eye-catching planter, too.

Coffee Break

The afternoon slump is real, but so are WFH perks (just ask @alex). Having a pick-me-up on hand is key, and a go-to coffee mug (or teacup) you love makes each sip that much more enjoyable. Go handle-free for an artisan look or channel 90s coffee shop vibes with a tonal cup and saucer. On the go? Pour your beverage in a convenient travel mug.

Work x Wellness

Work hard, play hard and take care of yourself. Keeping wellness-minded items in your home office will encourage you to take breaks and stay centered. A home massage tool is a must after hours of sitting. A journal reminds you to reflect throughout the day. Add scented oils to a diffuser for an uplifting (or ultra-chill) atmosphere.