Discover Easton Studio: 6 Must-Have Home Essentials

Now that fall is in full swing, you’re probably doing your fair share of hosting — and prepping for holiday gatherings. So it’s important for your space to be comfortable and comforting, functional yet aesthetically pleasing and organized (but chicly!). That’s why we’re loving Easton Studio, a just-launched home goods collection that’s exclusive to Verishop. Not only are their designs elegant and minimalist, but they’re also refreshingly practical. Plus, they complement literally any type of décor.

Each object is crafted from locally sourced materials — and each one does double duty. We’re talking multipurpose baskets and trays, a two-in-one match holder and striker and more (so much more!). Every product combines value and practicality, so you can spend less time thinking about your home and more hours enjoying the people in it (including yourself — because self-care is more important than ever). We’ve picked out our favorite Easton Studio products below. Which will you be inviting into your own home?

Marble Wine Cooler

You probably looked at this wine cooler and got instant heart eyes for its sleek marble construction with subtle gold detail. If so, we’ve got good news: You can continue using this long after your party guests have left. Just pop some fresh flowers or dried botanicals in it and use it as a vase. It adds instant elegance to your desk, side table or wherever it is you want to add some texture.

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Black Marble Tray

Is there any piece of home décor more glamorous and versatile than a simple marble tray? No matter what you do with it, it’s both sophisticated and useful. We’ll be using this one to hold our jewelry and other trinkets. Then, when the occasion calls for it, we’ll bring it to the kitchen and serve charcuterie or tapas on it. It comes in two sizes, so let’s be honest: We’re probably getting both.

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Open-Weave Baskets, Set of 3

Nesting baskets are an amateur interior designer’s dream. There’s nothing they can’t do, and they look great anywhere. Think we’re exaggerating? Here are just a few of the ways we’ll be using these: decluttering (toss the kids’ toys or shoes inside), doing laundry (the largest size makes a stylish laundry basket) and storing household goods (put extra blankets and pillows for your guest room in ’em).

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Marble Arch Bookends, Set of 2

When are bookends not just bookends? When they double as striking art objects. These sturdy arches are crafted from marble to keep your books securely in place. But you can also display them together or separately, on a side table or mantle, to add visual appeal to any room. 

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Marble Match Holder & Striker

This clever piece is both a household must-have and a permanent conversation starter. Because it’s got a match striker built right in, you can get rid of those matchboxes littered all around the candles on your coffee table. And it shows your guests you’ve mastered adulting. After all, this match holder just screams, “A place for everything, and everything in its place!”

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Brass-Coated Paper Towel Holder

We never thought a paper towel holder could be particularly exciting — until we saw this one. Form truly meets function in its minimalist profile, which makes it ideal for even small kitchens. Meanwhile, its brass coating and textured base signal that, even in the little things, you’ve got great taste. 

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