Diamond Davis

Engineer turned content creator, Your Coilyness (a nod to her coily hair) has taken her passion for fashion and beauty to curate looks. She strives to inspire others to authentically be themselves and follow their passions. Diamond’s goal is in her name- to shine bright and spread that positivity, inspiration, and energy to others.

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Dez Smith

Dez Smith is a style and lifestyle content creator on Instagram and Tiktok. She's created content for 4 years and she loves it. She calls her platforms her digital diary because she loves sharing her life through social media and being related to other young black/POC women.

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Gabrielle Gage

Gabrielle was born and raised in Los Angeles, California and always dreamed of being on camera. She started modeling in college while receiving a BA in Journalism, which led her to working for magazines and online blogs. Now she uses her talent of fashion and entertainment, to host live shows of either cooking or promoting products she loves.

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Norman Thrasher III

Norman is a 24 year old Lifestyle and Fashion influencer living in Atlanta, Ga. His Instagram is all about fashion, travels, favorite things, experiences, and relationship. Norman started content creating in 2018 on YouTube and quickly migrated to Tik Tok giving his viewers and realistic and productive look into his life. He tries to motivate and inspire others through content creation and storytelling each and every day.

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Candice Antoine

Candice is a 22-year-old Franco-American living in New York who’s passionate about vintage goods, fashion, jewelry, and cooking. Through her work, she wants to make everyone feel welcome and beautiful. She founded the Vintage Deli, a fun and colorful jewelry brand. Her philosophy comes from multicultural experiences. Her style is a combination of funky, eclectic, and chic. She's mostly inspired by colors, patterns and whatever makes her happy now.

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Ashley Brown

Ashley is a LA based fashion blogger. Through her content creation, Ashley loves to show her passion for fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. Ashley focuses on displaying her authenticity by freely expressing herself through her outfits. With Ashley’s platform, she wants to be able to empower women and let them know they can achieve their most confident selves through expressing their style.

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Georges Coupet

Georges is a Miami based menswear and lifestyle content creator with a minimalist and neutral aesthetic. His Instagram @MonsieurCoupet features the latest in menswear, interior design, dynamic destinations, mixology and gastronomy. His creative process inspires viewers to indulge in a tastefully refined curation of relevant trends.

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Lauryn Williams

Lauryn is a 24 year old creative with a background in design and sustainability based in Washington D.C. Her personal motto, "quality over quantity", is expressed via her Instagram, Tiktok and Pinterest where she shares her eye for minimal fashion, lifestyle, and beauty, as well as her passion for yoga, cooking, and female and BIPOC empowerment. She is committed to partnering with brands that share a mutual ethos and is dedicated to creating content that inspires confidence and overall wellbeing.

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Elizha Colquitt

Elizha Colquitt is a digital content creator and brand marketer from Philadelphia, PA. He was always inspired by expression through personal style, so decided to document his works of art, or outfits on the internet. He's inspired by architecture, travel, and different cultures and infuses that into each outfit he puts together. What began as a hobby, has now become the centerpiece of his life and career.

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Arianna Quinn

Arianna Quinn is a Communications and Events Assistant at GIVENCHY and BS Fashion Media Undergraduate at LIM College. Originally from Michigan, she currently lives in New York City after relocating from London, UK where she began her fashion studies and spent time as a freelance blogger. Nominated and accepted as a Christian Dior Couture Mentee under the UNESCO & Women@Dior: Leadership and Sustainability Education Program in 2021, her focus has shifted to learning more about sustainability and how to empower other women through creativity and inclusivity. However, she continues to use her platform to storytell and inspire others while continuing to navigate a career in luxury fashion.

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Kayla Murrell

Kayla is a 22 year old micro-influencer and content creator based in Cincinnati, specializing in lifestyle, beauty, and fashion. In 2020, she pursued content creation full time. She has built her brand on both transparency and honesty and she is dedicated to creating content that is both inspiring and genuine.

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Ebony Rice

Ebony is a fashion, beauty, and lifestyle content creator born and raised in New York City. Her sole purpose is to create a space for her audience that uplifts, motivates, and encourages them all to live their most authentic lifestyles. I developed a huge love and passion for vintage/sustainable fashion as a teenager into adulthood & turned that passion into a small business, also known as Cravingvintage, her online Thriftique.

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Olivia Yokubonis

Olivia is a content creator based in Salt Lake City who showcases holistic skincare and sustainable everyday fashion. She works behind the scenes of some of your favorite brands as a digital marketer and is passionate about sharing rituals that focus on slowing down your busy life.

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Simone Randolph

She is a start-up executive turned lifestyle content creator with a genuine passion for timeless fashion and chic yet simplistic lifestyle. She strives to provide a realistic approach to lifestyle content while simultaneously empowering my community to become the best versions of themselves.

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Prince Carneiro

Prince is based in the New York area. He is 23 years old and is a fashion model x influencer. He describes his content as simple, beautiful, and attractive. He expresses himself through photos to inspire youth to take pictures in nature and streets he thinks are cool.

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Licensed Esthetician and content creator who specializes in wellness

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Ashton Paige Anderson

Creating and sharing a perspective with the world.

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