Multifunctional Silicon Cookware Set - Omnipan™ Mega Set - Dark Azure Blue
Multifunctional Silicon Cookware Set - Omnipan™ Mega Set - Dark Azure BlueMultifunctional Silicon Cookware Set - Omnipan™ Mega Set - Dark Azure Blue


Multifunctional Silicon Cookware Set - Omnipan™ Mega Set

Dark Azure Blue

Dark Azure Blue

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Chef Avenue Omnipan are high-performance silicone pans with lids that let you prep food, store in the refrigerator, cook in the oven, put leftovers away, and reheat in the microwave – all without moving food from one container to another. And when you’re done, let the dishwasher clean them for you. No standing next to the stove for hours sautéeing, flipping, scraping, poaching, or frying. Includes 1 large pan, 2 medium pans, and 2 small pans. Each pan is accompanied by a transparent lid with a steam vent and a cap. These are packed in an attractive gift box made from recycled material.

MULTIFUNCTIONAL: This oven safe cookware set allows you to prep, cook, eat, store, and reheat in the microwave with ease. These food prep containers with lids can also be used as storage containers for refrigerator for cooked food.
MODULAR AND COMPACT: This space saving cookware forms a stackable cookware set. The 3 pan sizes and shapes of this nesting cookware were constructed to fit perfectly within one another, thus minimizing the storage space.
STURDY CONSTRUCTION: The height and thickness of this non-stick cookware set are designed for optimal cooking and browning of food. Unlike other flimsy silicone bakeware, this cookware retains its shape and rigidity after heating.
TRANSPARENT LIDS: This microwave cookware with lids has dual steam vents that prevent food from becoming soggy. The oven-safe lids let you watch the food as it cooks. Also, they let you see the food stored in the refrigerator without opening the lids.
FOOD-GRADE SILICONE MATERIAL: The non toxic cookware set is made with food-grade silicone material. The pans and the lids can withstand oven temperatures up to 450 °F. It's one of the best non toxic nonstick cookware around.
PERFECT FOR TAKE-OUTS: Take these silicone food storage containers with you to the restaurant and have them pack your food in them. Eliminate single-use consumables such as plastic bags, take-out containers, and aluminum foil that cannot be recycled. Since these flat food storage containers are microwave safe, you can enjoy food right out of them, store and reheat the leftovers, thus minimizing the cleaning.

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