Trust Intuition Silk Scarf - Indigo & Black
Trust Intuition Silk Scarf
Trust Intuition Silk Scarf - Indigo & BlackTrust Intuition Silk Scarf - Indigo & Black
Trust Intuition Silk ScarfTrust Intuition Silk Scarf

Metri Holliday

Trust Intuition Silk Scarf

Indigo & Black

Indigo & Black

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Trust your insight and wisdom. Navigating life changes, making decisions, planning a vacation - with your third eye chakra balanced, you can trust your intuition to make choices that are right for you. Trust Intuition will help you activate your the third eye by meditating on a spectrum blues, indigo and the magical purples of a higher consciousness. You know your purpose. You are intuitive, and can tap into the insight and wisdom of the universe. The black antelope travels and explore - the physical world and also your inner self. Her enthusiasm,lightness and agility is a reminder for you to enjoy your journey, as is the festival of floral beauty on this exquisite small square silk scarf.

- Natural 100% mulberry silk twill scarf.
- 16mm silk.
- Made in USA, printed in Italy.
- Hand-rolled hem, dimensions may vary slightly.

Metri Holliday collection is a purpose-driven fashion. We are for those who love a purpose, look for meaning, and want to break free and be yourself. Our silk scarves are luxury statement pieces designed to inspire. We believe in the power of adorning yourself with a beautiful accessory that reminds you what kind of energy you need to invite in. Inspired by symbolic animals, plants, precious stones and other spiritual elements, our beautiful silk scarf will remind you every day that everything you need to feel good is within yourself. You deserve the best! All of our scarves are made in the USA from the finest mulberry silk.

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