Malibu Surfer 8 oz hand + body butter
Malibu Surfer 8 oz hand + body butterMalibu Surfer 8 oz hand + body butter

m. greengrass

Malibu Surfer 8 oz hand + body butter

8 oz
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DRENCH YOUR BODY IN THE MOISTURE IT DESERVES. A luxurious ultra-hydrating and nourishing hand and body butter designed to absorb quickly while leaving the skin quenched, restored, and protected. You wake and it’s still dark, after all the waves are at their height just past sunrise. Once you get your board on the water it’s just you and the ocean - nothing in between. This scent is California to the core. This intoxicating scent instantly transports us to long, carefree days in the surf, sun and sand.

m. greengrass is a skincare, body care and home fragrance company made in America, inspired by the world. Our products and services have all been developed to have an impact on the skin, the body, the senses and social causes.

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