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Morris Paisley Floral Pumice Shirt
Lords of Harlech

Morris Paisley Floral Pumice Shirt

Color - Paisley floral pumice
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Long sleeve woven shirt with mechanical stretch for comfort. This shirt has a button down collar and a tailored fit. Printed in a paisley floral pattern in pumice with a contrasting pattern on the cuff and inside back of yoke.


100% cotton

SKU - #M00193550568141
Lords of Harlech brand image

The Lords of Harlech was started in 2016 by the British designer Paul Mainwaring. A menswear collection that embodies color, print, unique textiles in wearable trend right silhouettes. The Lords of Harlech creates all its own textiles and challenges the norm in manufacturing techniques to new highs to deliver garments that are truly unique. In 2019 an additional limited edition collection of apparel and shoes were launched under the Lords of Harlech dragon collection, now being sold by the finest retailers around the world. The Lords of Harlech have partnered with some of the best manufacturers in the industry to create their vision. The two brands are now sold in 14 countries and growing. We hope you share the passion.