Bandana Scarf - Flowers of the Nile
Bandana Scarf
Bandana Scarf - Flowers of the NileBandana Scarf - Flowers of the Nile
Bandana ScarfBandana Scarf


Bandana Scarf

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Flowers of the Nile

Flowers of the Nile

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The silk twill bandana is our new style for spring-summer, measuring 42 x 42cm - the perfect neat size for wrapping around the neck once, forming a knot, and either tucking inside a shirt collar or wearing it at the top of a T-shirt as a statement or print/colour clash. It also works perfectly folded as a hand band or as a hair bandana. The Flowers of the Nile are paintings of unusual & rare fauna we imagined thriving along the banks of the river Nile. We like to keep our floral prints trippy and subversive. The scarf is made by a carefully selected and trusted maker in China who produces exquisite scarves and hand rolls the hems beautifully.

Klements is a collection of printed womenswear - we hand paint all our own prints. We make in small batches in England, working with organic cotton, silks, recycled polys, and end-of-life cloths. We are proud of the ethical way we have always produced our collections since the launch of Klements in 2012. We believe fashion should not be fast.

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