Menstrual Cup Set
Menstrual Cup Set
Menstrual Cup Set
Menstrual Cup SetMenstrual Cup Set
Menstrual Cup SetMenstrual Cup Set
Menstrual Cup SetMenstrual Cup Set


Menstrual Cup Set

Menstrual Cup Set
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Progressive period care by design. We know you’re busy. SELF + JimmyJane’s silicone Menstrual Cup Set offers a comfortable period care solution for your active lifestyle. Created with comfort and extended wear in mind, the bell-shaped curves hug contours, while the ergonomic rim works to prevent leakage. Conveniently flexible for easy insertion, removing your cup couldn’t be simpler with strategic anti-suction holes that allow for a gentle break of seal suction.

- Comfortable rims: fuller ergonomic rims have supple, curved edges for a snug seal and ultimate comfort
- Anti-suction holes: strategically-designed holes allow you to gently break the air-tight seal
- Capable capacity: two different cup sizes offer options to accommodate varying flows
- Resilient material: hygienic silicone is soft and flexible for all-day wearability
- Waterproof: fully submersible, bath-friendly and easy to clean
- Easy storage: moisture-wicking bag creates breathable storage

Small cup size:
- Total length: 2.2"
- Cup length: 1.6"
- Diameter: 1.7"
- Capacity: 14 ml

Medium cup size:
- Total length: 2.6"
- Cup length: 2"
- Diameter: 1.8"
- Capacity: 21 ml

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