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Hunny Bunny Collection

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Essential Bundle

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This trio of Hunny essentials includes the scrunchie that started it all with two signature Hunny Bunny formulas. The nourishing and hydrating properties of Healing Hair Oil, plus the taming and conditioning qualities of Blessed Bunny Spritzer equal one unstoppable combo!

- Non-toxic
- Organic
- Vegan
- Cruelty-free
- Tested & approved
- Patented formula
- Show your locks some love with three of best selling Hunny Bunny products!
- With a built-in wire hidden in the bunny ears, Original Scrunchie scrunchie won't leave you hanging
- It's made to lock in your locks with a built-in wire hidden in the bunny ears and comes with a matching elastic hair tie for extra security
- Healing Hair Oil enhanced with hemp for gentle yet effective hair revitalization, paired with Blessed Bunny Spritzer to complete your new go-to routine
- With a heavenly blend of sweet and spicy fragrance, Blessed Bunny Spritzer is a multipurpose hair mist is sure to become your hair's new best friend
- Hunnies looking for their Hunny Bunny essentials!
- The scrunchie that started it all, plus two powerhouse products that maximize the look and feel of hair from start to finish
- Healing Hair Oil contains hemp-derived CBD, this bundle is only for Hunnies over the age of 21.

Hair Benefits:
- Makes hair look and feel nourished and hydrated through a potent and patented organic formula of carefully sourced ingredients, while enveloping your senses with sweet and enticing aromas for instant relaxation

Spiritual Benefits:
- Cinnamon bark evokes protection, love and luck
- Lavender evokes physical and spiritual harmony
- Rose evokes life, vitality and survival
- Honeysuckle evokes friendship, luck, pleasure and joy

Almond Oil:
- Hydrating and nourishing properties make hair shinier and well-moisturized, while strengthening and repairing to protect from future damage
- Clarifies scalp buildup and reduces breakage, split ends, itchy scalp and dry roots
- Contains Biotin, an essential nutrient associated with hair growth

Mineral Powder:
- Adds a subtle natural sparkle

- 1 women's original hunny scrunchie in black bebe
- 1 blessed bunny spritzer
- 1 healing hair oil

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