The Marble Body Brush™ - Pink Onyx Brush
The Marble Body Brush™
The Marble Body Brush™
The Marble Body Brush™ - Pink Onyx BrushThe Marble Body Brush™ - Pink Onyx Brush
The Marble Body Brush™The Marble Body Brush™
The Marble Body Brush™The Marble Body Brush™


The Marble Body Brush™


he patented Marble Body Brush gently exfoliates to help improve tone and boost cell renewal, resulting in smoother, softer, more radiant skin. Harnessing the enduring beauty and resilience of marble – whose seemingly infinite depths have captivated sculptors and architects for millennia – the Marble Body Brush elevates bathing to an art form. Each marble base is masterfully carved and assembled by hand with a disc of firm sisal bristles, a sustainable, cruelty-free natural fiber derived from the Agave sisalana plant. Due to the characteristic variations inherent to natural marble, each Marble Body Brush features unique veining and patterning. Purchase of a Marble Body Brush includes an annual complimentary brush refresh to replace any bristles that may have shed during use. Nero Marquina is a widely sought-after marble celebrated for its velvety black ground color, which is at times solid or punctuated by a subtle yet distinctive white veining pattern. Sourced from quarries in Markina in Spain's Basque region, Nero Marquina is a striking, elegant stone that lends itself to a wide variety of applications.

Dry brushing has a myriad of incredible skin & health benefits:
- Lymphatic support & boosts circulation
- relieve ingrown hair follicles
- Improves appearance of cellulite
- Exfoliates & tightens the skin
- Smoother and softer skin
- Clean pores, removing oil, dirt and residue, relieve ingrown hair follicles

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