Labo Eyelid Lifting Cream Grade 2
Labo Eyelid Lifting Cream Grade 2Labo Eyelid Lifting Cream Grade 2


Labo Eyelid Lifting Cream Grade 2

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The Eyelid Lifting Dense Cream is not a generic cream: its density is functional to the lifting effect, and works in synergy with the active ingredients included in it, which are part of the formulation of the 16-day Eyelid Lifting preparation. The skin tension perceived during the application is a peculiar characteristic of the product. The Cream should be used as a maintenance product, to be applied after the 16 daily applications of the dermo-cosmetic Eyelid Lifting. Available in the following grades: Lifting 1 - Lifting 2 - Lifting 3

Maintenance Cream to continue effects of the 16 Day Eyelid Treatment. Helps to reduce the laxity of the skin on the forehead and eyelids. Contains Lifteina, a patented formula used to give the lifting effect.
Uses patented Labo Skin Technology which provides absorption by the skin. Lifting 2: moderate sagging and skin laxity

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