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Evapolar Replacement Evaporative Cartridge, Black

Evapolar Replacement Evaporative Cartridge, Black

Color - Black
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Evapolar cartridge is the part of the air cooler and is made of innovative evaBREEZE® material. The material is the compound of natural basalt fibers, which have a huge evaporative surface and strong capillary effect, allowing Evapolar to create the most energy-efficient personal air cooler. The material filters out the dust from the air, prevent mold and bacteria from growing inside while being eco-friendly and fully biodegradable. The cartridge needs to be replaced every 3-6 months to keep the air cooler’s cooling capacity.

- Weight - 136 g

Usage Instructions

- When using electrical appliances, basic safety precautions should always be followed, including the listed below.
- Use this device according to its intended purpose as described in the product guide (see Evapolar models section).
- Do not install a water tank with water without a cartridge inside to avoid leaks.
- To fill the water tank with water, always detach it from the device first.
- The device must be placed onto a smooth horizontal surface.
- Tilting it may cause a water leak and damage the device.
- Do not carry the device when it is filled with water.
- Even after you empty the reservoir, some water will still remain in the internal compartment.
- Find out more in "Maintenance: transportation, cleaning, and storage"
- Use only clean tap water.
- If the source of water is polluted and you are not sure about its safety, please use distilled water.
- It is recommended to perform the cleaning and technical maintenance of the device according to the "Maintenance: transportation, cleaning, and storage" section.
- The device is not intended to be used in a highly polluted environment.
- Large dust particles, dirt, etc., can seriously affect the device's evaporative cartridge lifecycle.
- Make sure that water does not spill onto the external parts of the device.
- Do not use it near water, in a swimming pool, bathroom, laundry room, outdoors when raining, or at any other location with high humidity levels.
- In the case of a leak or if water spills onto the surface of the device, immediately disconnect the power cord and let the device dry for at least 24 hours.
- Do not place the device under direct sunlight.
- If you do not plan to use the device for more than 5 days, empty the water reservoir and let the device run at maximum power for at least 4 hours to allow the cartridge to dry out.
- Use only the original power supply from the package.
- Do not touch the power supply or power cord with wet hands.
- Unplug the device during the following actions: cleaning, technical maintenance, removing/replacing elements, and moving the device.
- Do not place the device in passageways or any other location where it can cause an obstruction and can be accidentally knocked over.
- Do not let any foreign objects enter the device.
- Do not place heavy items on top of the device.
- Do not block the front and back grills of the device.
- Do not turn the device upside down.
- Do not submerge the device in water or any other liquids; see "Maintenance: transportation, cleaning, and storage" section.
- Do not place open fire sources (candles, etc.) on top of the device.
- Do not put any aromatic/essential oils or incenses in the water.
- People with limited physical, visual, or mental abilities should never use the device without the supervision of those responsible for their safety or those capable of assistance in using the device.
- The device can be switched off completely only when it is disconnected from the power supply.
- The manufacturer does not bear any responsibility for any damage arising from failure to comply with this product guide.

Care Instructions

- We strongly recommend completely drying your personal air cooler prior to cleaning, storage, and long-distance transportation.
- To do this, you need to set the device to run on the maximum fan speed for at least 4-5 hours to dry the water out from the internal reservoir section.
- The water from the removable reservoir (for models evaLIGHT, evaLIGHTplus, and evaSMART) should be poured out first.
- It may not be as convenient, but if you want to speed up this process with evaCHILL, you can pour the water out of it as well.
- The necessary frequency of cleaning depends on the level of dust in the area you use your air cooler in.
- A cleaning procedure can be carried out, when
- The device is totally dry
- The device is unplugged
- The cartridge is extracted
- You can wipe the front grill of the device and its inside area with a soft cloth.
- Do not clean the inside of the cartridge, just its outer plastic body.
- We also recommend drying out the water tank from time to time with an open lid.
- If you notice some green residue on the walls of the water tank, do not worry.
- Most likely it is an algae formation.
- It is harmless for your health and usually occurs in water filters, humidifiers, and other transparent water reservoirs that are positioned under direct sunlight.
- We recommend cleaning the reservoir with hydrogen peroxide using a brush on a long handle (for example a toothbrush) in such cases.
- After you've scrubbed away the algae, let the liquid sit in the base of the reservoir from 10 to 30 minutes, then pour it out.
- Rinse with fresh water and repeat, if any residue is left.
- When the reservoir is clean, let it air dry.
- Storage during long periods of inactivity
- If you're not intending to use the device for more than 5 days, we strongly recommend the following:
- Dry the device and clean it (as described above).
- Place the device in an appropriately sized packaging for storage (original packaging is recommended).
- Store the device in a dry space at room temperature.
- Before any kind of transportation, the device should be disconnected from the power source.
- Do not transport the device long distances with a wet cartridge; please see the "Storage during long periods of inactivity" section. For shorter distances, make sure that the device with a wet cartridge is not isolated in a box or bag with no airflow.

Country of Origin



90% abs plastic, 10% eva breeze material


4.4 x 4.4 x 4 inch


- Weight - 136 g

SKU - #M05292882000376
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We are a team of researchers, engineers and designers, and we were the first who introduced the concept of “personal air cooling” to the market in 2015. Our personal air coolers do not contain any freon and based on absolutely eco friendly evaporative cooling technology. They are very efficient because of our patented evaBreeze material, which allows to outclass the competition. As we created a new niche in the market, from now on we are responsible for keeping high standards and satisfying our customers’ expectations.