(Life)Style Hacks: How To Set Your Table

(Life)Style Hacks: How To Set Your Table
From Zoom parties to intimate gatherings – gear up for the season of entertaining with our six not-so-basic table tips. Scroll to watch the video, and let your table do the talking.

Keep it stylishly simple: Set your scene with a neutral linen that doubles as a blank canvas. (DIY alternative: Decorate butcher paper as a one-of-a-kind “tablecloth.”)

Serve up some color: Establish your color palette with warm, natural ceramic plates, stacking the salad plate atop the dinner plate.

Napkins with a twist: An easy way to elevate your tablescape is with a knotted cloth napkin on top of your plate setting. Gather the diagonal edges to the middle. Loop the top of the napkin down over your fingers, twisting the bottom and feeding it through the hole to create a knot. Fan out the top and the bottom, making a bow shape. (Style tip: Add rosemary through the knot for a finishing touch.)

Go for the gold: Stay bright on trend with metallic flatware.

Clink to the right: Place your wine and water glasses in the upper right corner of your plate setting so they’re easily accessible to your guests.

Glow up: Incorporate tall candlesticks as your centerpiece to set a sophisticated mood.

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