A Self-Love Guide

At Verishop, we’re passionate about wellness and believe that self-care and self-love in all their forms are essential to our overall well-being. So we’ve partnered with Smile Makers, a sexual wellness brand, built on empowerment and education, with a mission to normalize the perception of female sexuality. With its sleek designs, playful branding and body-safe products, the company encourages women to take matters into their own hands (literally). This month, we’re focusing on destigmatizing female pleasure with sex-positive facts, tips and, of course, some great body-safe products to support your journey to self-discovery.
Fact: 54% of women masturbate regularly

According to Dr. Juliette Buffat, Psychiatrist and Sexologist for Smile Makers, “Having a fulfilling sex life clearly contributes to good physical and psychological health, whether the satisfaction is obtained solo or between two persons.” But regardless of how many parties are involved, the key to being attuned to your body’s desires is self-exploration, “an important step in human psychosexual development, which allows one to discover and better know one’s body, its sensations and erogenous zones,” says Dr. Buffat. 

And what better way to discover your personal preferences than a little trial and error with yourself? Whether you’re a complete beginner or sexpert, here are some tips from Smile Makers to find the best vibrator for you.

1. Look at your body. Like really look at it. Get comfortable with your most intimate parts and don’t be afraid to use a mirror to explore and familiarize yourself with any uncharted territories.

2. Get handsy. Use your fingers and hands to find out how your body reacts to different strokes and movements — and don’t stop there. Take your focus beyond your vulva and vagina to discover erogenous zones you didn’t even know you had.

3. Experiment. If you find that your body responds most to clitoral stimulation (nearly 3/4 of women do!), look for toys specially designed for external pleasure. If you want to explore penetrative pleasure, opt for something made for internal use. Vibrators that feature a curved body are especially great for stimulating your G-spot, a highly erogenous zone (for some, not all) located on the roof of your vagina. Lastly, keep experimenting to stay in touch with your needs and wants!

Fact: 53% of women have used a vibrator
9 out of 10 women view opening a vibrator positively

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Founded to create an easier, healthier way to have sex, maude takes an inclusive and minimalist approach in both its aesthetic and assortment.
Founded by a sexologist and an engineer, Dame's mission is to close the "pleasure gap" between women and men.

Statistics about female sexuality were sourced from global surveys conducted by Smile Makers.

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