Introducing Intimate Wellness by Rosebud Woman

12 Apr 20
Founded in 2017 by Christine Marie Mason, a former venture-backed tech CEO in B2B software, author and yogi to name a few titles, Rosebud Woman offers innovative wellness products for all stages of a woman’s life. The OBGYN-approved, intimate wellness line addresses the top concerns women have, from dryness and lubrication to arousal, laxity and irritation. Through beautiful packaging, expertly formulated products and education, Rosebud Woman aims to normalize female sexuality and eradicate body shaming to empower women to know and love their body.

When Mason began practicing yoga in her mid-30s, she was introduced to a different process that incorporated dance, fluidity and feminine yin energy, and one that called for touching every part of your body using oils. “It really worked in creating a new relationship with my body; an appreciative, loving relationship,” says Mason. “And I started making my own products at home in response to that.

Before opening Rosebud Woman’s online store, Mason commissioned a survey of 3,000 pre- and post-menopausal women in the U.S. to identify their top skincare concerns, which would become the the first four products in the line.

"I learned that there’s all of this shame around sexuality that impacts women’s physical health.”

After partnering with a chemist who enhanced the effectiveness of each formula — while still maintaining the brand’s commitment to being plant-based, cruelty-free and vegan — Rosebud Woman was ready to help women address any taboo issues and awaken a deeper sense of self. 

And to be clear, Rosebud Woman is not a sexual wellness brand. “It’s sex in the broader sense of reproduction and sexual characteristics but sex is a transaction that’s a very small part of a person’s life,” says Mason. “And even by calling it sexual wellness reduces it to that.” Instead, the intimate wellness brand offers subcategories, including sexual wellness, period care and pre- and post-natal care.

From its best-selling Honor Everyday Balm, a multi-purpose oil that moisturizes the labia and other external intimate areas, to the Arouse Stimulating Serum, Rosebud Woman's products are made for a range of ages and life stages.  “Be free in your body. Enjoy your body. Take it out to play. Forget this perfection thing; just love it. And watch how it responds.”

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The Honor: Everyday Balm is your daily solution to nourishing the most intimate parts of your body. This balm melts upon application, offering lubrication and replenishment with 10-15 minutes of play time. Rosebud’s signature product is perfect for menopausal skin, pre- and post-natal care of the perineum and labia and for daily self-massage. 

How to use: Apply after bathing or right before bed. Massage the balm into external creases and folds. Leave overnight for maximum nourishment.

Formulated with plant extracts, aphrodisiacal ingredients and natural stimulants, the Arouse: Stimulating Serum is your gateway to pure pleasure. This serum is perfect for providing suppleness, moisture and lubrication (and you can even use it on your lips for an added touch of exhilaration). Enjoy a tingling sensation as you feel every part of you awaken.

How to use: Apply 2-3 drops on external folds and creases. Let penetrate for 5-10 minutes. You’ll start feeling a warm, tingling sensation. Best used progressively, with or without intended intercourse.

Reduce any swelling, redness or irritation with Soothe: Calming Cream & Aftershave. Made from mint, high-grade arnica, chamomile and calendula, this cream is perfect for calming sensitive or chafed skin post-wax or shave and even after sex. 

How to use: Use after sex or exercise or when overheated.

Made with a base of aloe, purified water and witch hazel, the Refresh: Cleansing Spray washes away unwanted bacteria from your vaginal area without leaving behind irritated skin. Perfect for before or after waxing, sex, exercise, toileting and more.

How to use: Spray 2 to 3 pumps on external folds and creases or saturate a cotton pad and wipe on. Use throughout the day.

Made with a base of aloe, purified water and witch hazel, the Refresh: Intimate & Body Cleansing Wipes rids both your body and vaginal area of unwanted bacteria without leaving behind irritated skin. Perfect for before or after waxing, sex, exercise, toileting and more, this gentle but effective cleanser and toner is a great alternative when you can’t bathe right away.

How to use: Wipe body and intimate areas as needed.

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