Caraway: Clean Cookware That’s Better for You and the Planet

With a mission to raise the standards of cookware through well-designed, non-toxic essentials, Caraway is redefining the meaning of clean eating. Whether you’re an aficionado or your specialty is limited to eggs, Caraway is a healthy option no matter your level of expertise. Find out why the brand’s assortment — now available at Verishop — is worth clearing kitchen space for.

Caraway’s products are coated in ceramic. Ceramic resists heat better than polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), a chemical traditionally used as a non-stick coating that can release toxins into your food and air. So even if you accidentally overheat your Caraway pan, you won’t have to worry about harmful fumes or substances. Enjoy a non-stick surface that gives you peace of mind and makes cleaning a breeze.

They’re eco-friendly. On top of being better for your body, this line of cookware is also thoughtfully packaged to be kinder to the environment. All sets are shipped in recycled cardboard with zero plastic or styrofoam, low-impact print dyes and 100% biodegradable cork trivets. Bonus: Ceramic releases less CO2 during production because it’s made from a natural inorganic sand.

Caraway cookware is designed with storage in mind.  Limited kitchen space? No problem. Each set comes complete with a pan storage rack, made to fit in your cabinet or on your counter, and a lid storage holder with hooks to hang inside your cabinet. Each piece is also easy to hang and beautiful, so you won’t mind putting your cookware on full display. As an added design perk, the handle doubles as a spoon rest for mess-free cooking. (Genius.)

Sets include only the essentials.  Caraway cookware sets include everything you need to cook up tonight’s meal or this weekend’s dinner party: fry pan, sauce pan, dutch oven and sauté pan.

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