7 Clean Skincare Products Under $70 That Actually Work

As more and more people begin to prioritize self-care in their everyday, it’s no wonder that conscious consumers and beauty enthusiasts alike are ditching their chemical-ridden products for more clean-beauty alternatives. Just as how we’re mindful of where our food comes from and what we put inside our body, it only makes sense to question the products we’re applying on our skin. 

Though most substances don’t make it past the outermost layer of our skin, some have molecules small enough to penetrate the body and make their way into our bloodstreams. That’s why it’s best to avoid products that contain parabens, propylene glycol, ethanolamine compounds and others.

The reason why it’s so common to find toxins in your skincare products is simple: chemicals and fillers are cheaper. The purer the ingredients, the more expensive the product tends to be — but we’re here to introduce you to clean and effective brands that also offer a reasonable price point. See some of our favorites below!

1. Ghost Democracy Lightbulb Vitamin C Serum ($34)

The star child of this rising clean skincare line is its waterless, daily brightening serum, packed with 18% vitamin C to enhance the appearance of skin tone and texture. The best part? It’s lightweight and quick-absorbing for a non-greasy, luminous glow.

2. Indie Lee Discovery Kit ($29)

Founded by Indie Lee after being diagnosed with a potentially environmentally derived brain tumor, Indie Lee products are known for their conscious and effective formulas. The Discovery Kit is the perfect way to try top favorites, including the Brightening Cleanser, CoQ-10 Toner, I-Waken Eye Serum and Squalane Facial Oil. 

3. Pai Skincare Light Work Rosehip Cleansing Oil ($56)

With its organic and sustainable approach to beauty, Pai Skincare’s cleansing oil removes impurities and makeup without mistreating your skin or the environment. Perfect for all skin types, including hypersensitive skin.

4. Cosmedix Clarity Skin-Clarifying Serum ($42)

Formulated with retinol and salicylic acid, this serum exfoliates, soothes and clarifies skin for a more radiant complexion. Enjoy brighter, healthier-looking skin, thanks to one of the leading aesthetics companies.

5. French Girl Organics Néroli Crème Fraîche ($50)

This deeply hydrating cream works to reduce puffiness and restore elasticity to help you achieve a youthful glow. Crafted by a responsible and organic brand, the Néroli Crème Fraîche also promotes smooth aging of the skin.

6. NUORI Vital Eye Cream ($69) 

Fight back against unwanted signs of aging with this antioxidant-rich eye cream. Aloe vera and hyaluronic acid work together to restore your skin’s moisture levels and smooth out fine lines, without using any artificial preservatives or synthetic additives.

7. Grown Alchemist Hydra-Repair Day Cream ($49) 

This nourishing, non-greasy moisturizer hydrates your skin without leaving it oily or shiny. Made by a company that’s dedicated to cellular research renewal, this day cream is also the ideal primer for makeup.

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