For Your Guest Bathroom

Photo source: Allie Bernabei
Armed with a master’s in urban design and a passion for environmental initiatives, MIT grad Max Moinian has a clear vision for the planet and the home you live in.

Moinian’s photography curation service, For Your Guest Bathroom, launched in 2018 to make dressing up your walls with unique photography easy and accessible. Like many millennials who can appreciate good art but don’t know where to begin looking, FYGB bridges the gap between the cool photos in your feed and the often boring prints you come across in person.

And on top of never having to worry about seeing the same mass-produced print at your friend’s apartment, each photo comes complete in handmade, custom frames to fit any space or aesthetic. FYGB is essentially a modern-day gallery, minus the pretentious curators and outrageous price tags. Send them pictures of your empty walls and they’ll even mock up some inspiration for you.

“I was in the ocean with two friends talking about how the quality and accessibility of easy, affordable art sucks,” Moinian says. “We were thinking about the type of person with white, empty walls in their twenties to thirties, who took six months to find the perfect couch to splurge on, is bougie enough to have a guest bathroom but not enough to buy a Cindy Sherman photograph. Fai said ‘something nice enough to go over your couch but cheap enough for your guest bathroom.’ And I was like yesssss. That's it.”

"'Something nice enough to go over your couch but cheap enough for your guest bathroom.’ And I was like yesssss. That's it."

When Moinian’s not helping her family with building design and development or partnering with Stephanie Shepherd (influencer and former COO of Kardashian West Brands) on their climate change nonprofit, Future Earth, Moinian is recruiting creatives who shoot on film for fun. They’re photographers by passion rather than by profession — which adds something fresh and raw to their work — and all of them are Moinian’s friends.     

“Some I was already friends with, like Charlotte [Fassler] who I went to college with,” she says. “And some have become my friends! It's always been an instant, strong connection. And that's probably my favorite part of what I do.”

To get a feel for FYGB’s assortment in its natural environment, Moinian gave us a tour of her cool-girl, SoHo apartment. See her favorite pieces and then shop them straight off her wall. 

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